Opportunity Missed or Gained?

One of my TS Black one2one coaching clients sent me an email yesterday with the subject line that is the title of this post. Basically she misread the ‘easing’ in part of the program and hit the full session a little earlier than she should have. Her long term consistency has been very good, so […]


If I had a dollar for every single triathlete out there that mentioned “Sub10” I’d be doing ok, actually if I expand that to “The Subs” and by that I mean going sub any hour bracket the dollars are starting to add up. Triathletes are goal driven and the main recurring goals I see as […]

Train Smarter

Balancing The Cost of Endurance Workouts High volume, high intensity training is often seen as the best way to prepare for a triathlon, but it can come at a huge cost to your body and lifestyle and negatively impact performance in the long run. There are a number of ways you can modify your training […]

They Say it Takes A Lot to Win … And Even More to Lose

So we get home from our road tripping to Port Macquarie and back with little nine week old Mack (he was a champion traveler I must say) and there we a have a full letter box. The usual suspects taking up space (bills etc) but also a nice big brown padded bag A4 size. I […]

More Mistakes I See

Only a short blog this morning and its about pre race mistakes I see that should be avoided if you really want to be at your best. Tomorrow here in Port Macquarie is a big day, regardless if your racing either the Ironman or the 70.3. Today should be about resting up, making sure everything […]

Racing Ironman Oz?

I told you that you would blink and race week would be upon you and here it is. Boom, six more days and six more sleeps and it will be game day. A day where you have put in months of work and maybe even a little sacrifice to arrive at, hopefully in the best […]