Social Responsibility with Water

Continual learning is a big thing for me. I truly believe the minute you stop learning you pretty much die. So much growth comes from learning and we should strive to never stop learning. Keep an open mind and the possibilities are endless. In triathlon we get the opportunity to learn everyday. If we listen, […]

Learning About Triathlon

Many times I get asked how I can make the athlete faster and perform higher up in their age group. It’s a reasonable question, but it nearly always coming from the perspective of the training sessions themselves. There is this thought process that there must be these secret sessions that create the performances athletes are […]

Why we don’t want to static stretch pre training

Today I just wanted to give you a quick tip on why we don’t want to do static stretching before our training sessions. I know many of us still have that in-grained into us from such an early age in phys.ed class. You know the jog around the oval followed by some static stretching routine. […]

Fitness and Health Don’t Always Share the Same Bed

Currently I am reading a book by Dr Phill Maffetone tilted ‘In Fitness and in Health’. I’m not that far into the book yet, however it brings to the forefront something that I have long thought of. We can be fit but it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re healthy. Actually I would argue that a big […]

It’s all about Ratios!

Being endurance athletes we are more susceptible to inflammation from tissue damage in training due to impact and also oxidative stress. If some tissue or tendons get inflamed and is left unchecked you may not only end up with a full blown injury but increase your likelihood on development of certain diseases such as cancer. […]

Thinking of taking pain killers? Think Again…

photo by Pink Sherbet We have all seen it, have all heard it discussed, and many athletes are taking pain-killers in the hope of reducing pain of an injury they may be carrying or even as a currently flawed thought process of being an ergogenic aid to enhance performance. There are now many studies showing that […]