Legs up the Wall or what’s known in yoga as Viparita karani (inverted action) has to be one of the simplest and crazily effective post session recovery techniques there is.

Simply lie on your back and place your legs up on the wall.

That’s it … I told you it was simple!

By doing this you drain the ‘old’ blood from your legs, so when you stand up, fresh blood can be pumped back into them.

So you’re effectively cleaning out the legs.

I like to spend a minimum of say 5 minutes up to about 15 minutes with my legs up the wall after a solid training session and you can make it even more effective by focusing on your breathing.

This little recovery technique was a big help in recovering each day when I did Cent Cols Challenge.

OK … There is a couple of ways you can effectively do this:

If you want to also get a bit of a hamstring stretch, get your butt near the wall and extend your legs straight.

If you don’t want the hamstring stretch so much, move your butt back away from the wall so you’re more comfortable.

You can also place a support like a pillow or rolled up towel under your lumbar spine.

That’s it. Simple and Effective.