Look to be honest, I actually don’t mind the original idea of Strava and I still believe it can be a decent training tool if used to track your training over time and see improvements over your training routes.

Yeah sure a little competitiveness between mates can be healthy but unfortunately I see its got out of hand.

We all have egos, we need them but so so many are just unhealthy and in there lies the problems.

There is much more to life then living and breathing your ranking in Strava.

Your ranking is all bullshit anyway! It’s relative and there is always going to be someone faster then you.

But now every ride or run you do has become a race of sections .. strava sections. Group rides are ‘on’ from the get go, no one can roll turns anymore. There is never easy. Just redlining.

Total loss of the thing that will make you a better athlete.


It’s a lost skill because athletes today let themselves become ruled by the data spitting back at them, the data they understand so little about that destroys any intuition you may have left.

So all of a sudden there is no easy. Now you might think you’re going easy but you have to stop bullshitting yourself because…

You’re not.

True easy is a skill to be learned but first the ego has to be controlled and become one that serves you. Current Ironman World Champion Pete Jacobs has one of the most controlled and self serving ego’s I have witnessed. Some lessons there.

Yes there are times to go hard.

I’m a coach that loves more quality over stupid amounts of quantity for no reason. But the body also needs true easy to help soak up the training load and help you progress and get stronger and therefore faster.

But when everything becomes a race the only trend you’ll eventually see is a downward one until you’re burnt out and you kill your results.

As a long course triathlete you need to learn how to go hard when it counts. Being strong in the back end of each discipline is where you can make up so much time while those that go out too hard are goneski.

I witnessed it day in and day out recently in Cent Cols Challenge. Many a rider would be out of the gates on a 200k, 5000m+ of climbing and 9+ hours in the saddle day only to end up hours behind because they don’t understand what true easy is.

So go ahead and use Strava if you must. Just don’t let it be the death of you and if you didn’t get it the first time then I’ll repeat. Your ranking on whatever section of Strava is all bullshit.

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