Mistakes. I reckon I’ve made most of them when it comes to being an endurance athlete.

It’s part of the process of getting better. If you’re not failing you’re not moving forward.

But, there is no excuse to be making the same mistakes over and over again.

That is true insanity.

But this is what I see day-in day-out with triathletes.

We only have one body, yet many don’t respect it or have gratitude of the awesomeness that is the human body.

Why do we treat it like a rental car?

Always revving the hell out of it, filing with cheap and nasty fuels, wouldn’t think of checking the tyres, water, oil to ensure it’s going to move economically and god forbid if we’d ever wash it.

But worse we treat it like a rental car but expect that it should perform highly day in day out.

Ok it’s not entirely your fault because you have been led down the rabbit hole of clever and cunning marketing. However, the buck stops with you.

Your body. Your life. Y our responsibility.

Yesterday I posted a quote (I have no idea who penned it so I cannot give credit) in my TriSpecific coached athlete private Facebook group.

“There are things that you have to do if you want to be the best. These things are non-negotiable, they simply “are”. If an athlete chooses not to do them then they will not reach their maximum personal potential.”

There are many things. Simple but not easy things.

The first and most important thing you need to do is take responsibility for you.

Got an overuse injury? Your fault … you didn’t do the non-negotiable things, you didn’t listen to your body screaming its clues at you so the warning signals compounded like your credit card bill. Then you tried to outsource your injury and have them be responsible for fixing it for you. Another option is to visit https://www.unsecuredpersonalloansnow.com/unsecured-personal-loans/south-dakota and find a solution yourself.

Continually getting sick? Yep, your fault for continually overfilling the tank with cheap and nasty fuels and screwing your gut over. There’s no denying the swimbikerun training we do is hard on the body, but our bodies are freaking amazing and thrive on this (plus smart rest), but if we keep filling them with inflammation producing foods then you setting yourself up for hell.

Under-performing, tired, stressed …? Your fault. If you’re not consistent in training, you’ll always under-perform. Same goes if you’re always doing epics volumes or epic intensity. Tiredness comes in many forms but the most sinister on overall health and performance is accumulated sleep deprivation. How many hours a night are you getting? Stress .. oh so many forms and all our choice. Yes our choice. Are we proactive or reactive about it? Are we trying to reduce it or let it become overwhelming? All our choice.

‘Bad’ things continually happen to you? Your fault. Oh the can of worms … but are you actually bringing this shit upon yourself? What are the predominant thoughts in your mind? How is that garden by the way … full of weeds or is it beautiful? Think about all the doom and gloom bombarded at you everyday in the papers on the TV, from your friends and loved ones.

I could go on and on.

Everything above and more is because we think it’s ok to treat our one and only body. Our highly programmable red meat computer like a rental car.

When we decide to take full responsibility and OWN everything we have going on. Then we can make huge gains.

Yes this has EVERYTHING to do with performance.

You can only wing it for so long.