I am tired of mediocrity.
Anyone who has been around these pages long enough know that we are very passionate about the fight against mediocrity.

And it is serious.
You could even go so far as to say we are waging a

It isn’t easy fighting mediocrity. But it is personal.

See mediocrity wants people like you and me to not get anywhere, to stay put and just…..exist. Exist in a perpetual state of blissful nothingness, where nothing is really risked, and nothing really achieved.


Mediocrity doesn’t want you getting up at 5am to pack the kids school lunches before you hit the pool.
Mediocrity doesn’t want you taking the long route – the one with “that” hill.
Mediocrity doesn’t want you to get in your car, find a trail and run until you simply forgot why you were running.

Mediocrity wants you to stay up late vegging out in front of the idiot box until the better part of midnight.
Mediocrity wants you to grab that food that you don’t need, because it’s eeeaaaasy.
Mediocrity wants you to second guess your intuition when you know you need more recovery and less stimulus.

Mediocrity is here with one purpose: to STOP anyone who has a dream, a vision, gumption, determination or perseverance, or simply want to be the best person they can be.
Mediocrity simply cannot exist when you posses these traits.

And if you do, it will conspire against you. Long and hard. Mediocrity can be relentless – it can be a sticky and tragic bubble of bliss that leaves you warm enough to never ever want  to leave.

Mediocrity sucks.

The blissful state that mediocrity keeps someone in can last forever. Think of all the cool shit people could have done, if they could have just broken free and pushed back against mediocrity. Think of all the cool shit you could have done!

But let us not get bogged down in the mentality of the victim here. (pro tip: mediocrity loves the victim mentality).

There is hope.

You have to wage a war against mediocrity.

And you have to make it personal. You have to take away the very things that keep mediocrity alive. You must have the will  to be better than mediocrity.
You have to stare that bastard down.

There are no breaks from the war – you need to know that. Mediocrity will pounce the moment your guard drops.

It wants you to hit snooze, bail on rides and take the easy way wherever possible.
It doesn’t want you organised, prepared, and kicking ass & taking names.

There’s no kid-gloved approach with this people. It is head down and charging at the enemy with full clarity and full force. Mediocrity wants you as its permanent prisoner, but you are taking NO PRISONERS in this battle. You are head down, bum up getting this done and won.

Don’t be fooled (mediocrity loves the fool) into thinking that unless you are doing something jaw-droppinglingly, YouTube-able, show stopping, thing that you aren’t beating mediocrity. It isn’t about that.
Winning the daily struggle is all about what you do, daily.

From the moment your eyes open until the moment they close, you have a choice.

Fight it. Or give in.
Work hard or take the easy option.

Being the best human being that you can be isn’t about impressing people or planting yourself on a pedestal. It is about hard work, taking yourself to your limits and learning how far you can go each time. It’s about doing and saying the things that elevate you above that mediocre status to become someone who gives a shit about who they are.

It is a lifestyle choice, it’s an attitude it is a way of living.

So I urge you to take on the fight, find a way to beat down mediocrity.

Don’t hide in that bubble of bliss. Be the person that you really want to be.

Coach Pete