It’s a favourite thought of mine and my good buddy Raoul De Jongh bought it back to the front of my mind recently on some instagram comments after another of his epically great photos (of cycling of course).

“Chaos and clutter are achievable by all. At some point out there during Cent Cols Challenge it’ll be about making it home and making it home only. Simple not Easy”

So today I’m going into the TS post archives with a little edits.

When we peel the layers back. Life is simple but is sure as hell is not easy.

There is ups and there is downs. Sometimes the downs can overwhelm us and have us felt stuck. They can be suffocating but we can simply overcome these by scratching and clawing our way through the moment.

It’s all about inches.

And we must fight for those inches.

One inch at a time.

What ever it is we want to do, see, achieve is pretty simple.

In today’s age it doesn’t take much searching to find an example of someone doing what we dream to do and from seeing that, there is usually an inevitable blueprint we could essentially plug and play.


But it’s obviously not easy and more times then not, it is us that gets in the way of us achieving our wants and desires.

You say you want to perform in triathlon .. in life.

Well there is nothing new here.

Find the path and give yourself to it and the simplicity of it all emerges.


Eat clean. High amounts of (good) fats, proteins, and small amounts of good carbs. Remove the sugars, wheat and dairy and understand nutrient timing.

You’ll never be 100%, so give yourself a break and make peace with that. Remove the heartache and guilt.

Need some help? Pete and I are putting in place some information webinars for you shortly.

Body Maintenance:

Arguably the most under-utilised area for improvement.

Start with commitment to sleeping 7-8 hours a night (life changing both mentally and physically). Those with young kids will intimately know how hard this is, but you have to make this a priority. Charlotte and I eat dinner with Mack at 5:30-6pm (it makes life easier). No kids, you have no excuses.

Prepare your body to move. We were born to move, not to sit in chairs – but sitting for most of us is a reality so we need to re learn to reset the body and move optimally.

I have an awesome podcast on resetting the body from my friends at original strength.

So the movement preparation becomes ReSet, then muscle tissue health with gold standard tools from trigger point performance therapy.


Consistent training gets the results. Not weeks loosely strung together but weeks and years. Work hard on developing a smart basic weekly structure that you can commit and achieve week in and week out for months and months.

Life circumstances is the most important thing to look at when developing said structure.

We all have this romantic ideal that we can do and absorb so much more then we can.

Yes there is time for some epic stuff, it’s just not every bloody week or even 20 weeks of an IM build unless your goal is to be an under performing shell on the side of the road.

Turn down the freaking noise:

There is tons of it out there. The adverts, the latest and greatest gadgets, what your mates are doing, strava, and what some forum goo roo is spilling.

Then there is the paralysis of understanding what the meaning of your heart rate monitoring, power metering, gps gizmos is … the data is deafening and you have lost your innate ability to listen to your bodies signals.

When was the last time you swam, rode or ran sans recording gadgets?

I recommend it highly from time to time – switch off from the noise will give you clarity and the ability to focus in on the moment.

Like cash.

Consistency is king baby.

Putting all of the above together consistently is WHAT IT TAKES to start seeing greater improvements in your results. Look for marginal gains not wholesale ones.

“Usually big changes happen imperceptibly, and it’s only in retrospect that we can recognise them”

Simple. Not. Easy.

Want simplicity? Then lets set up a strategy call and discuss your options.

Apply here It’s as SIMPLE as that.

Coach Kristian