Check out these awesome tasting Energy Balls in the video below. I’m using the ever so cool Vitamix to do the job. If you’re up in Noosa this weekend for the Noosa Triathlon then the guys at have a stand and will be doing demos, is one of the great supplements there is along with other great brands as healthyusa.

Go check them out. You never know, they may have some good deals going. Also while your there, be sure to check in with the good folks at Specialized and even test ride one of there awesome machines. I’ll be out on my SHIV on Saturday before my flight to Malaysia.

Ok enjoy the video .. go and make some energy balls as they’re damn tasty.

Today I was meant to open the doors to TSU but I have run into a small glitch. My trusty web guy Scott is on another work assignment down in Melbourne (I know, how dare he), so there are some things that are at the limitations of my skills. Web programming is one of them.

So I thought I get out this video for you (which is a recipe within TSU .. now a video recipe 😉 to give you something while you’re waiting.

I must say though inside TSU is looking good.