Today I have some more advice on simple things to help you improve your performance.

This one unlike the tip from “cross the line”  takes some time out of your already packed day.

It’s time well invested. If improving performance and staying injury free are important to you.

To extract better performance from your body, we know there is more to it than just the physical training i.e. the sessions you do to develop speed, strength, endurance, neuromuscular capabilities and motor skills to name a few.

Then there’s the mental side of the game which is huge and needs to be trained daily.

Of course there is another huge aspect in terms of how you fuel your body. Great nutrition makes a difference and then there’s things like sleep (and I’ll be honest I need more of this and need to make it a life priority and one of my lives rules to 90% of the time be in bed by 9:30pm)

And while theres many other recovery techniques and gizmos, the one that needs to be done daily is self massage.

Doing this will help you work on the areas that us triathletes need to work on daily. We need to free up the restrictions of our mobility centric joints which are our ankles, hips, thoracic spine and shoulders.

All these areas bind up due to various reasons, with our postural habits and training positions being the biggest.

So we need to work daily on freeing up these restrictions and thus creating better and more fluid range of motion, and allow more blood flow and oxygen to our muscles while also opening up our neurological feeds to the muscles.

We can and should work on these a few ways.

1. Is looking at our current posture outside of training. How we sit defines the way we move and breathe for that matter.

So ensure your feet stay flat on the floor when seated. Not with heels raised .. you may even be tucking your feet under you chair now!

Try not to slouch… you know hunched back with shoulders rounded forward. Shoulders down and back opens up our ability to breathe.

If this is uncomfortable you need to work on thoracic mobility and releaseing the pectoral muscles. And you should be seated at a 90/90/90 deg position. That is 90 degrees at the ankle, knees and hips.

2. Is daily self massage. This will help you regain lost mobility by reducing adhesions and scar tissue. This in turn creates better and more free range of motion which means better efficiency and better firing muscles. Less chance of injury and better performance. You get way more power from your muscles when you unbind them.

3. Are mobility exercises. There are plenty of great examples on you tube that focus on those mobility centric joints I mentioned above. Do these after you have rolled.

Points two and three will actually allow you to have better posture without forcing it. So add these in to your daily regime. If you have some injury issues or restricted movements then I recommend doing this 2x daily. 1 before your morning training session. As it will only better prepare you for the session and then the other at night.

Hands down the best tool for the job is the Trigger Point Performance Therapy Kits. The investment will improve your performance. I guarantee it.

Kristian “theres many aspects of performance” Manietta