I see it all the time.

So many athletes searching for clues to find the elusive ingredients that will get them the results.

The first ingredient. Show up.

That in of itself could be a pretty big part of the ‘magic bullet‘ you’re after.

But showing up is only half the battle.

Man, I ‘showed up’ at school but I wouldn’t call high school a success for me. I was there in the physical (for the most part) but honestly unless it was sport or something creative, my brain was definitely somewhere else.

So you have to show up in training but then you gotta work your gluteus assimus off.

You have to be in the moment. Flick the switch and focus in on the crux of the session. Even a easy session should have an agenda. (well for starters you might learn what true easy is) that aside even an easy session means there is a skill component to be worked on.

Stride rate, breathing, focus to name a few.

The results you say you want don’t come easy.

They’re simple. I could give you any number of different formulas to get there. They’d all be simple but they won’t be easy.

Yes there is hard work to be done and a pretty good lion share of it when you don’t feel like doing it.

You’ll be tired, you’ll be sore and like everyone you’ll have a myriad of excuses at the ready that you’ll be able to justify to yourself why you lack the main ingredient. Consistency.

But you have to show up. Day-in day-out and do the work.

When you do, you’ll learn tons (if you listen) and you’ll learn tons about you.

Look we all have challenges, roadblocks, shit happen and any number of hardships – but there is example after example of people in way worse circumstances then you kicking some serious assimus.

Life is a constant state of challenge and that is awesome. It makes you feel ALIVE when you go all in and grab life by the Uh umm balls!

Living by the stays quo is not being alive. It’s mediocrity.

You want something. Hoping for it will only leave your sorely disappointed and depressed at the time wasted.

You have to be willing to sacrifice. You have to learn patience.

You have to be willing to go ALL IN.

All in on this thing called life.

Will you?

What the hell are we waiting for? This ain’t no dress rehearsal.

The perfect time to start is right now. We are alive in an era that allows us the most opportunity ever. Pinch yourself and wake up. We are damn lucky.

Stop waiting and go get it. Get out of your self imposed, self sabotaging comfort zone.

The ticking clock stops for no one.

Here’s a challenge for you.

Go all in on your next training session. All in – if it’s an easy session, go all in – focus, enjoy it and when it’s time to go forth and conquer, go all in on that too.

Relish the feeling of the ever rising levels of exhaustion as it seeps deeper and deeper into your muscles. Go deep and feel it the marrow, even to the very fabric of your make up.

Go deep, let thy muscles scream – and smile because you’re so privileged to be able to do so.

On those special occasions where you’re the master and your body is a willing recipient to what you can throw at it.  Go all in and throw the god damn kitchen sink at it. Give it to yourself.

Then go all in on your recovery, your nutrition, your sleep, you work, your life.

Stop talking. Do more. Be more.


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