Secrets… brings pretty interesting thought processes, especially within the realms of athletic performance. People the world round are constantly looking for those secret sessions that will ultimately bring about success.

In triathlon, its those ‘training secrets’ that are going to magically catapult you to the next level. That’s what your looking for right?

Maybe its fortuitous that you somehow landed on this blog post that is about to tell you that there are NO SECRETS to training success and maybe that is the secret after all.

The question is, do you really want the success you think about? Seriously, does the ‘dreamed’ about result/s get you moving?

It is said success leaves clues. Its not so much the training session but how the training session is completed, the attitude that is bought to the table. Look at what successful people do… it leaves clues.

Triathlon success is simple when you keep it simple.

Turn up, train smarter, and when the required time to work your ass off comes, you better be doing it.

Simplicity is not getting bogged down in minutiae. The body takes much longer then your led to believe to adapt and you’ll be surprised at how much more you can extract out of a session when you come to understand it and the impact from other areas such as nutrition, sleep, recover etc.

Turning up is where champions are made. The people beating you are turning up more often. Don’t misinterpret that for training longer. The ‘more’ in your training may simply come from hitting your training plan more consistently. Think about it this way – If you miss 1 session per week, you miss 52 sessions each year and that’s 7.5 weeks of training lost. Even if you take a month off training you miss nearly 7 weeks worth of training. This makes a huge difference, especially if you have high performance goals like qualifying for Kona.

Smart time in water, the saddle and on the road or trails provides results.

Quit finding reasons why you couldn’t get the session done. Sure you’ll miss some here and there, move on quickly and don’t make a bad habit of it. Make good habits of turning up – try turning up to each and ever session for 21 days in a row. You’ll see after that time that not turning up for some lame reason will make you miss it.

Make success a habit.