Back in October last year I wrote a little but DAMN important piece and the memory of that was bought back to front and centre on Tuesday when Pete and I were recording an episode of the Friday Fat Black.

Our guest has a few rules one his gym wall.

Rule #1: Show Up

Quite simple eh! But if you don’t respect this all important rule with dogged consistency the stark reality is you won’t go far.

But then there is showing up and there is SHOWING UP.

It takes guts and effort to fully show up. Once you’re there .. you are there to get a job done and that takes task focus.

Turning up and going through the motions is pretty much a waste of your time.

So if you want to turbo charge your results turn up and BE THERE.

Be there fully.

No time traveling forwards or backwards.

Just fully immersed in the moment. Nothing else matters but this moment.

Be there.

Create a simple act that flicks the switch and gets you out of work, wondering what you’re having for dinner, or the bills you have to pay.

So if you’re at the pool – when those goggles go on it’s time. When you throw a leg over your trusty steed and clip in, it’s time and when you slip into those shoes and tie your laces that’s the queue that nothing else matters but the aim of the session.

Give yourself into it.

Be liberated by it. And watch yourself get freakingly good because of it.

And you know how you can even make this more super charged?

Develop the mind to muscle connection. The fact is your neurology is a muscle and you can strengthen those pathways when you pair uplifting, positive and strong thoughts to the actions you’re taking.

I am – is powerful. Use it to your advantage.

Did you know that we say about 50’000 words to ourselves every single day and that each and every word is connect to a neural net. The neural net is connected to our filter system and that to a chemical response. The crazy thing is that 70% of those 50’000 words ARE negative.

That is 35’000 negative words about self for the most of the worlds population.

Our own self-talk will either build us up or take us down. So start paying attention to what you’re saying to yourself and start getting control over your internal dialogue. Once you do – it will change your life.

Very soon Pete and I are going to have a brain training expert on the Friday Fat Black and the content will quite literally blow your mind.

Rule #1 is a big one for life. Do that and BACK it with focus and great self-talk and the world is your oyster!

Live Life.