After getting a number of emails from coached athletes and Blueprint athletes post Ironman Melbourne one thing kept coming up over and over again.

The importance of self belief.

A little excerpt from an blueprint athlete that smashed out a 1h22min PB at Ironman Melbourne.

“Because of you. I followed your plan almost perfectly (apart from the illness). I trigger pointed, I rested, I ate clean. I went Gluten Free after my stomach issues at Hell of the West (and feel much better for it). I went from a non-coffee drinker to a Fat Black addict. I changed my race nutrition completely, from a rolling buffet to the ‘freedom fuel‘ of rice malt syrup, salt and lemon juice. (No GI issues whatsoever…I did eat 1 hammer bar at the 135km mark). Biggest of all Kristian, you taught me how to BELIEVE.
See, I always thought I should be able to, but I stood at the start line and said to myself, “This is my day. Today I become an 11 hour athlete, but I’m going to smash well into the 11 hrs” (no 12 hour talk). Also, your last post went over and over in my head on the run. Don’t walk, don’t walk. I didn’t.

I also had great support from family and friends, my chiro and massage therapist, but without your Blueprint, without your knowledge and experience, without the Fat Black episodes, I would not have had the knowledge and belief that I could actually do it. Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!!!” Tom Stockman (11 hour Ironman….so sweet)

I want to show you how to create what I call Results in Advance and build rock solid self-belief in the process.

But before I get to how you do that. I want to ask you a question. How is it that some people, on the surface seem to easily achieve awesome results, while others who are putting in the work seem to get little results or even go backwards?

Training methodologies aside, there is a lot more to it than the physical aspect of getting in and doing the work. Anthony Robbins says its like the 80/20 rule, where 80% is psychological while only 20% comes down to the physiological aspects of the doing.

It seems no matter the endeavor, there will always be some people that make massive breakthroughs and literally change their circumstance while others with exactly the same resources make no real progress whatsoever.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all get massive results? Well we can, and it all comes down to some little daily rituals of conditioning the mind.

It’s pretty basic and ANYONE can implement this strategy. It works but you have to work at it! What you need to do is take massive action and then follow through. To release the breaks on your results, you need to see yourself attaining them in your mind first. This is not wishy-washy motivational B.S. I am going to show you why this statement holds true. I can guarantee that in some way or another you have experienced a result, good or bad based on the pictures or belief systems you have in place, even subconsciously.

Example: How many times have you said to yourself ‘I knew that would happen’? And I bet it was for something you didn’t want to happen. Have you ever questioned why that is? What are you repeatedly telling your sub-conscious that is making it become a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Lets look at a diagram on how we condition our minds and create self-fulfilling prophecies either positively or negatively. When you grasp the concept and implement the strategies shown below you can become great in anything, your life can change in an instant… but ultimately you must decide!


In this diagram above we look at potential as the starting point. We all have way more potential than we think, but we don’t really tap into it because we have some preconceived ideas as to what our potential can be.

What happens with this limited mindset is more significant than we can imagine. With it we only take little bits of action – wonder why a quick google search reveals 369,000,000 hits on ‘diet books’? Because people take little bits of action and get little or no results. Unfortunately this creates that ‘see I knew it wouldn’t work’ mindset and then we literally prove ourselves right! This destroys our self-belief and there you have it – a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Lets now have a look at the same diagram in a different light and turn it into a strategy that’s positive and will literally release the breaks on your results.




At the start of this article I said I wanted to show you how to develop “Results in Advance”. To do this you need to get very clear on your goals nearly to the point of obsession.

Michael Phelps’s coach Bob Bowman summed it up like this: “Are you going to wait until after you win your gold medal to have a good attitude? No. You’re going to do it before hand. You have to have the right mental attitude, and go from there. You’re going to be an Olympic Champion in attitude long before there’s a gold medal around your neck”. 

The attitude that Phelps’s coach is talking about is not a sometime thing; it’s an everyday thing. You just need to condition your mind daily using little rituals and actions so that you become so certain that you just know it will happen.

I used Charlotte as an example in a previous post. I have always pushed my wife Charlotte to believe in herself and writing those times on the whiteboard that I knew Charlotte could achieve, was the catalyst for the manifestation of those results.

If you don’t feel like reading the linked post above (you should, it will help you), basically I wrote this on a whiteboard before her 3rd Ironman way back in 2004 – ‘Charlotte CAN swim 57:30, Charlotte CAN Bike 5:30, Charlotte CAN run 3:23, with the finish time 9:55:30’.

It didn’t matter that the total finishing time was way outside Charlotte’s then “reality” – a whole 35 minutes faster then she had ever gone and under the magical 10 hour barrier. I knew she could do it, and over time seeing that board every day she got drawn to the idea and it didn’t seem so formidable anymore.

Coupled with the massive action of training, eating right and sleep. Can you guess what happened?

She achieved that time I wrote down to within 28 seconds! 9:55:58 to be exact.

So be very specific, i.e. Instead of saying you want to break 11 hours or 10 hours, say I am a 10:37 or a 9:43 athlete or whatever it is you’re after. Write it down where you can see it every day, say it to yourself, visualise it, and feel it to the point it sends shivers down your spine.

You may feel embarrassed by it, but don’t. When you shift what’s going on in your own mind then you have the ability to shift your outside world. Only when you do this you can develop that ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY just like Phelps had to win 8 Gold medals in Beijing. You are no different. You can develop the attitude and mindset and take massive action, you may not win 8 Gold medals at the Olympics but you may just achieve some of your own big, hairy, audacious goals!

And why shouldn’t you?

So now you can see, that instead of starting with POTENTIAL we actually start with BELIEF and here’s why.

When we develop this absolute certainty that we just know it will happen, it’s that certainty (belief) that makes you tap into your FULL potential, which leads you to taking MASSIVE ACTION. Because you now consistently follow through with the massive action you tend to get MASSIVE RESULTS and guess what this does to your self worth and belief?

Your self belief is reinforced and it only gets stronger which then further develops this extraordinary potential for you to tap into, and this creates huge momentum and the results you have conditioned your mind on, become a very good self fulfilling prophecy.

What results are you thinking to create belief and certainty? Condition yourself daily to develop both your mind and body, know it will happen!

Go on… What are you waiting for? Release the breaks and tap in to your full potential.

Kristian “removing your shackles” Manietta

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P.S. I love the quote from Natalie Cooks fantastic book ‘Go Girl’ – “The time to believe is when you have no reason to”.