Nearly every time we go training, we want to shoot for PB’s – It’s just our nature. Usually this is on sessions that we have a set course, like and out & back in running, or riding but mainly in the swim because we know our good splits, and our average ones etc.

There is no doubt that you have experienced this or will experience this… and that is those days where you cannot even come close to good splits let alone a PB! Conversely you will also experience those days where you’re just on fire… we love those ones 🙂

But we typically we don’t think logically about the sessions…

We think ‘man I suck today’ and this can lead to a negative downward spiral and we end up throwing in the towel, when that is really not called for. (there is a BIG difference between being tired and not as fast and being so tired that you need extra recovery. Learn to listen to your body).

What we NEED to remember is we are consistently training in a certain state of fatigue. This is designed. So with that in mind, some sessions, potentially more then most you might be gunning for PB’s, your putting in PB’s efforts but the times just aren’t showing it…

This is OK and normal. It’s the effort that counts, because IF you where fresh putting in the same amount of effort, there is no doubt the clock would read differently. But we don’t want to be fresh in training because training hard on a fresh body breaks us down quicker and results in longer recovery and less consistency!

Don’t let the slower times get to you, just give the best of what you have each day and when you do that… good things happen. They will in both training and racing.