This week I was reading a great article on inside triathlon with Aussie coach Darren Smith.

I’m a firm believer of always looking at avenues for learning to make our craft better. We will never know it all and there is nothing wrong with learning and sharing information with your peers. We need more of it in this sport.

In the inside triathlon article it goes through a lot of Darren’s backs ground, athlete success and philosophies.

One part of the article I really like is his ‘Scorecard’ method. These are things to focus on during any race. Basically instead of focusing on the outcome or whatever other athletes are doing the focus is on checking off the things on the scorecard aka the process. This is staying in the moment and focused.

It’s simple and it’s genius.

And in Darren’s words “the funny thing about the scorecard is, if the athlete focuses on ticking off all the boxes in the scorecard instead of what her competitors are doing, the outcome will likely take care of itself.”

This little system should be applied both to training and competition. If it is not practiced in the daily routine of training and life, there is little chance it will get implemented come race day.

So develop your own scorecard and become process orientated instead of outcome orientated.

What should go on your scorecard?

Lets say it’s the day before the race. What are some of the processes that should be implemented to put your body and mind in the best shape for the race.

Your pre race sessions are done early. You know what, where and when you’re going to eat. You are prepared so you don’t need to spend the days rushing around doing last minute things.

You keep hydration levels normal without overdoing it. Your bags are packed and ready for tomorrow and you get to bed early.

On race day you wake up early and go through your prepared routine of breakfast, some light self myofascial release and get to transition early. You have your checklist of things to set up, you get in and out in no fuss and then start your warm up. Then it’s a last toilet stop before getting in your wetsuit. Last bit of water with your pre race gel (if you do that) and then it’s in to prepare for the swim start.

See what I mean… you can have a process for many things and it goes on the scorecard. You can mentally check things off as you do them. Same goes for the race it’s self.

The list is endless but when you focus on checking off your scorecard and giving the best of your ability each day, you’ll be happy with the results.