Are you neglecting possibly the biggest thing that will take your perfromances to the next level?

The most important 30 minutes which needs to be included in your training time. I mean what gets scheduled gets done.

I’m going to assume that you get the training done. Windy and wet outside… you jump on the trainer, even if its the weekend long ride. You get my point.

If the training is not getting done, well this 30 minutes doesn’t mean a thing. But when you’re training daily and consistently it means EVERYTHING.

The 30 minutes, I am talking about is the post session recovery window. This is where the repair work starts. In fact this is where true carbo loading takes place and not in race week which we have previously been led to believe. The session has just taxed our muscle and liver glycogen stores and now is the time to get the fuel back into them. Actually right now, in this 30 minute window, your cells are at there most ready state to suck up the nutrients you give them.

The fueling you do now has an impact on your recovery and how well you’ll do in your next session. When time is of the essence and you need something quick and effective, you can’t go past Hammer Nutritions Recoverite. The only thing I personally add is a piece of fruit (alkaline) to ensure I reduce the blood acidosis.

If you have time, then you have many options. A full recovery shake of whey protein concentrate (preferably from grass fed cows) with frozen berries, banana, milk (i prefer ‘raw’ if you can get it or almond milk), some himalayan sea salt and a 1/4 cup of organic rolled oats (optional) and you’re good to go.

Then there is my favourite, typically on the weekend, of home made artisan bread, scrambled or poached free range eggs, organic kale lightly fried in butter, raw tomatoes, mushrooms and avocado.

All these are washed down with my supplements such as fish oil, pro biotic, my daily essentials, my new nutritional insurance policy and of course coffee. Even better, the ISSN have just release a position stand on caffiene and performance and state that caffiene can enhance, not inhibit, glycogen resynthesis during the recovery phase of exercise. Beautiful.

This 30 minutes is super important. Get up 10 minutes earlier and prepare what you need for your post session recovery so it can be quick. My friend and one of my training partners Michael (who is in the back ground of the strength video) had his whole breakfast pretty much ready to go before our power session on Tuesday. I mean, tomatoes, mushrooms, avocado on the plate, bread in the toaster, eggs ready to be cooked. Nothing beats preparation.

Then there is what my friend Raoul form Urban-Ninja does in his 30 minutes post session.

I also like to maximise the first 30min after any hard session. I find this critical to recovering session-to-session, especially in a big block of work with 8 hours of work a day as well. This means:

Feet up for 10min – high up on the wall, lying on my back.

Get nutrition in – good nutrition – asap.

Stretch with my Grid for 10min to let the muscle recovery going.

Most of us just get home and eat, shower and keep moving. I have to include the 25-30min in my training time to allow appointments and commitments to happen on time, but it’s well worth doing this simple outside the box routine.

Perfect… and one of the reasons he races up the front end. You can read his whole post here.

Make this a daily rituial and watch as your performances get better.