One of my TS Black one2one coaching clients sent me an email yesterday with the subject line that is the title of this post.

Basically she misread the ‘easing’ in part of the program and hit the full session a little earlier than she should have. Her long term consistency has been very good, so taking some time out being a damn cool aunty taking her nephews to Vietnam on holiday won’t really impact her much physically for the Ironman Western Australia prep.

Was taking a trip that close to IMWA optimal? Not really, but living is not all about swim, bike and run. Getting her head comfortable in the fact that her long term consistency across the months and years does in fact count and count greatly is all that is needed as she gets the work done over this last 6 weeks before game day.

Anyway the reasoning behind the email and misreading the actually session is because she attended an ‘amazing and inspirational” (her words) presentation from Kurt Fearnley. So I had to ask to be filled in on the presentation.

Kurt gave 6 overriding points which hold true for all of us, and especially so if we crave success and below is a cut and paste from my athletes email.

This is what it takes

The bulk of his presentation dealt with his recent achievements, how he prepares for events & what he believes sets him apart.

Recent achievements; just won Chicago Marathon & heading back to tackle NY Marathon….Kokoda track (crawled) in 11 days. Hell, I walked it in 8 and still rate it as the hardest thing I have ever attempted/achieved.

He kept a journal during his Kokoda experience and he read from this a few times….quite thought provoking & brought back some good & bad memories of my time on the track.

1. He spoke a lot about preparation & being true to your preparation.

2. He loves spending time outside his comfort zone (the more time he spends here gives him confidence on the start line) He is prepared to hurt more than his competitors.

3. If it’s on the program it gets done – period.

4. He reckons he has only had 3 “in the zone” racing moments his entire career … races are all about hard work. Don’t kid yourself….if you want it …you have to go get it.

5. He believes & trusts his coach implicitly.

6. He tells himself numerous times every day that he will win gold at London 2012 & is already formulating his race plan – which will be executed 100’s of times prior to race day.

Lets face it – none of the above is NEW but what made it quite special was hearing from someone so humble, achieving extraordinary things by putting all the above into practise to achieve their goals.

Disabled? Impaired? I didn’t notice.

Back to me… so are you following any of these 6 points above?

Are you true to your preparation or do you readily justify your excuses? What about learning the art of getting comfortable being uncomfortable, does the program get done? Are you willing to really go after your stated goals? Do you believe and trust your coach or advisers? If you don’t, the program will not work anywhere near to the extent as it will when you fully trust, believe and apply. How is your self-talk? Are you replacing “I Can’t” with why the hell not and “How Can I?”

Start implementing these 6 things and amazing things will happen. The KEY however is taking action on the above. Nothing moves until you do. So you better get moving because success takes a load of hard work.

Embrace it.