This muse is in the context of training and racing, however it crosses over to every aspect of life. I was musing about this whilst running hill repeats.

Our daily (training) obligations… It’s OUR own obligation not to settle for mediocrity. We could talk about each and every training session being an opportunity… but rather than call it an opportunity, don’t we have an obligation to ourselves to keep raising the bar?

We are all aiming to get better right? So we have the choice to go through the motions and get the training done, thus usually getting mediocre results. Or we can choose to fully focus and get into the aim of each and every session. A lot of the times that is going to mean being out of your comfort zone. I believe at any intensity level we have a comfort zone and many times we choose to default to that ‘comfort zone’ to minimise the inevitable hurt.

But if you REALLY want to make that huge step up the performance continuum, then you’ll have to deal with the fact that at times it’s going to hurt. Because it is guaranteed that at times through any race you’re going to need the mental fortitude to push. If in training you have taken the ‘easier option’ more times than not, then you just won’t have that ability to hurt when it counts in a race.

It’s your choice, a choice you’ll likely have in some way each day. Do I take the easier option or do I put the ‘bit’ in the mouth, chomp down and get on with it? Thus developing a stronger mental fortitude each time you make the decision to beat that other dangerous voice in your mind. Do this bit by bit and when the inevitable time comes in a race to push hard when every fiber of your being is telling you to back off, you’ll likely get that awesome result.

There is no easy way and as the saying goes… if it was easy, we wouldn’t do it!