Did you get inspired form the Olympics? I definitely did and I’ll admit there where times when it wreaked havoc with both my training and recovery.

Too many late nights (I know, I know, I said sleep is more important and it is…) and keeping up with the early morning wake ups to train but not before seeing an Olympic final or two. This took it’s toll as I succumbed to the cold that Mack has. Lessons learned!

Below I have given some of my best tips you can take home and apply immediately to improve your results. First a little recap on the Olympics

Some of my favourites Olympic moments would have to be Sally Pearson winning the 100 Hurdles, Mo Farrah in the 5000m final and those last couple of laps. David Rudisha in the 800m final breaking the world record. Bolt – just amazing. Then the Triathlons of course. Alistair Brownlee, boy can he run. Think about setting the treadmill at 20km/hr and holding that for 30min. You’d still be running too slow!

And Gomez gave such a gutsy effort to get silver. I’m sure he has visualised being sandwiched between the brown lee brothers during the run but I’m sure it
culminated with him taking gold. I guess Alistair had it in his head that someone would have to do something extraordinary to take line honours off him.

Unfortunately I missed the girls triathlon as I was on a flight between Auckland and Christchurch but my lovely wife gave me text message commentary for my taxi ride to the hotel. Gave me goose bumps on how exciting it was. That is racing.

Watching the development of Lisa Norden from way back when in Australia. From someone being ok to a photo finish in the Olympics. This is inspiration of belief and adream that anything IS possible.

Now the Olympics are over, its back to the grind. The grind that will see you become the success you want to be or not. I write about success a lot and the ways that you can achieve those lofty goals you have set for yourself.

It shouldn’t be overcomplicated. There are the things you have to do if you want to be the best YOU can be. These things are simply non-negotiable, the simply “are”.

If you choose not to do them, you will not reach your maximum potential.

What are these things?

#1. Is showing up daily.

#2. When you show up, clear all other distractions. As age group triathletes we only have small windows of training time. Make sure you get the most out of these but focusing intently on the job at hand. So when the goggles go on, or you throw your leg over the saddle or you tie up those laces that is your queue to “be there”.

Note: these first two points will take your performances to a whole new level when you implement them.

#3. What ever you have got on the day, whether it be training or a race. Give 100% of yourself. You won’t always feel great but say you only feel at 70% in the session. Try giving 100% of that 70 and you’ll improve out of sight. Doing this builds mental toughness.

#4. Recover HARD. Put as much effort into your recovery protocols as your training. It needs to be approached with the same discipline. Self myofascial release before and after sessions will keep your muscles healthy and you’ll be less likely to get injured. Ensure you get your post session recovery nutrition in within 30mins. Sleep 7-8hrs every night. Best is same bed to wake up routines.

#5. Believe in yourself and take responsibility. If you muck up, take the lessons and move on quickly. Don’t take the “woe is me” mentality. We are all responsible for exactly where we are at this current moment. This means it’s our life and our responsibility to go out and get to where we want to be. Hard work. You bet, but would you really want it any other way?