On Saturday I got to test out some of the gear I’ll be using for Cent Cols Challenge.

I woke up and it was raining hard in Peregian but was on and off. After checking the radar it

looked pretty scattered so I rolled, then hit my coffee as I made my drink bottles up and got kitted up to head out.

Recently I purchased a Rapha rain jacket. It was my first item from them and it was expensive. I’ve seen some comments that people think they’re outrageously expensive and who would pay it.

Clearly many do.

This was going to be my first real chance of riding in some rain with the jacket. The conditions weren’t crazy and unsafe for riding like it can get up here but it was a good test.

I need to start doing a lot of climbing so I headed south and climbed up the 12k climb from Nambour to Mapleton. I got rained on a bit and my upper body stayed dry while I had water streaming down my legs.


I also did a little #adventurnerring and made a ‘little’ loop. Didn’t realise how much I’d be on dirt for or how steep some of the grades would be. All fun of the adventure the S-Works Venge nailed it.

Back to the Rapha rain jacket. I am impressed, it lived up to its claims, it’s solid and is probably why they enjoy a repeat customer base. I’ll be getting more stuff for CCC.

You could say I got it a little dirty on that adventure.

Charlotte put it through the wash and it’s as good as new.

And this is why you get what you pay for. Makes me think about my coaching and my TS Ironman Blueprints.

Some athletes are shocked when I tell them my monthly rates. They’re so used to maybe paying $100-$150/mth for something I’ll tell you is NOT coaching.

On some of my recent coaching strategy calls I’ve been shocked at what they have been getting (or not) in terms of coaching.

Coaching is more than just a plan.

Much more.

A real coach has to wear many hats and should be actively developing themselves in many areas it takes to coach effectively.

You’re just not going to get that from a hobby coach.

And really, you cannot expect the world if you’re only going to be paying that amount.

So the point is do your home work, and when you want quality then expect to pay what it should truly cost.

Want real coaching then set up a call with me to see if we’re a good fit. https://www.trispecific.com/apply/

I only take on-board athletes willing to invest in themselves. Listen, believe and take action. If you think that
is you and are looking to change your game the lets talk.

If coaching is out of reach for you then your next best option’s are these: