Only a short blog this morning and its about pre race mistakes I see that should be avoided if you really want to be at your best.

Tomorrow here in Port Macquarie is a big day, regardless if your racing either the Ironman or the 70.3. Today should be about resting up, making sure everything is ready for tomorrow and going over the race in your head.

When it comes to pre race training, the idea is to lightly stimulate the systems. Give your muscles some blood flow and oxygen and keep them supple. So it amazes me what I see athletes doing out on the course.

This morning I went out early with a couple of boys and road a lap of the Ironman course. Coming back into town we see a lot of athletes riding fairly solid over the rollers and some of those nasty pinches like Matthew Flinders. All this is going to do is put fatigue in your legs. You may have only gone out for 30 minutes but you do not need or want that tension in the legs. Today athletes should have done an easy few laps out and back to Settlement Point (flat).

There is no ‘secret’ in pre race day sessions. 15 minutes easy in each discipline is all that is needed.

Tomorrow is race day and nothing can be gained by riding hills this morning but so much can be lost.

Now go and get off your feet.