We love our salads here at TriSpecific.. in fact a salad 90% of the time is an every day occurrence in Charlottes and my household. Typically its just a big ass salad which we adapt everyday depending what produce we have in the fridge but sometimes we crave for something new and fresh and yesterday was case in point.This Moorish crunch salad is found in Jamie Olivers ‘Jamies Kitchen’ cookbook. We didn’t have the correct ingredients so I adapted a little. What I love about this salad is it’s refreshingly crunchy and really gets your taste buds cranking and its super easy and quick to make.

Ingredients List (what I used)

Serves 2


Putting it together
Finely slice your carrots into matchstick sized batons. Slice and then roughly chop your red cabbage. Quarter your apples, remove the cores and then finely slice. Wash your lettuce, rocket and baby spinach and then use a salad spinner to get rid of all that excess water. (doing this makes salads so much better). Mix all the above ingredients in a bowl including the raisins. In another bowl mix your vinegar, olive oil, tahini, salt and pepper. Check the seasoning to ensure its right.

Lightly toast your sesame seeds in a frypan over a medium heat. Be careful not to burn them ie. don’t go off to do something else!

Toss all ingredients together baring the fetta and sesame seeds. Place salad in a bowl or plate, crush the fetta over the salad and then sprinkle the sesame seeds on top.

Eat immediately and enjoy!