What are you inspired by?

I’m inspired by many things and many different people. But I’d have to say my athletes can be a pretty inspiring bunch.

This weekend in Shepparton the TS Team had some great results and definitely some inspiring ones. One of the inspiring ones was from one of my girls Navec Lorkin.

Navec like all of us had some goals on her bucket list that she has wanted to achieve. Honestly the goal for Shepparton 70.3 was to just get through it and learn about the day.

To say Navec’s prep had been a roller coaster would be a gross understatement. There were way more downs then ups.

I was inspired last week when the chips were down and Navec still wanted to race. I’m typically not fond of athletes pulling out of races (before they start) just because. So I was inspired when Navec said she was going to line up.

What an attitude.

But then to go and tick 3 goals off her bucket list was just pure AWESOME. 3 things she had never been able to do before and they were to ride under 3 hours, run under 2 hours and go under 6 hours. All that obviously led to a PB.

High fives Navec … impressed coach I am.

and the high fives continue to roll.

I mentioned Kirsten Gorman in a email recently about having massive DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and how we got over that with a true gluten free solution (interview with Dr Osborne in your inbox tomorrow).

Well Kirsten unluckily got taken down on her bike last weekend. A week out from Shep. Luckily no real damage other than bruises and a bunged up hip.

A lot of her friends supposedly told her she shouldn’t race. I said lets adapt what we do, the work has been done, we just adjust the taper with the aim of getting the body healed through easy movement. If we didn’t do anything, Kirsten’s body would have seized up like an engine without oil.

and I am in the belief that smart movement improves the rate of recovery.

A few days before when Kirsten was concerned whether she should race or not and mostly from the noise of friends. I advised her that we still had 4 days till race day of healing and that we could and should try.

You can never fault the person who gives it a go.

And I stole Wayne Gretzky’s famous quote “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”

Well … KG gave it a shot and in her words came home with some bling. Meaning she got on the podium in second place in her AG.

Being on podiums is new to Kirsten and this is now two from two.

Inspiring HELL YES.

I’m sure many other athletes had some inspiring stories to tell and I salute you.

Also a big congrats to a couple of my TS 70.3 Blueprint athletes, Ross Kinsella who went 4:32 (9th in AG), and Tim Francis in his first ever 70.3 and dwelt 4:46 (21st in AG).

[EDIT] I then got this email from Dale Thompson:

“Hi Kristian,

I hope you are well. You missed this little TS 70.3 Blueprint athlete. The quite achiever!!

I don’t have any inspirational story to tell, I just followed the program….and got the result. [doing the work is inspiring to me]

4:43 in the 45-49 AG, 9th in category. Course PB by 30min, half IM PB by 15min, both from 10 years ago (second season back in the sport), getting better with age………….. Oh, and off to Vegas baby!!”

And I cannot forget .. super inspirational Karla McKinlay who has had the biggest racing schedule I know at the tender ager of 66. Well she won her AG… not difficult when there are no others racing but she beat the younger AG and would have been 4th in the 55-59. I shake my head.

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Have an awesome week. I’m off to NZ on Wednesday for some presentations but tomorrow I have an interview for you with Gluten Free expert Dr Peter Osborne.

Till then

Kristian “my athletes inspire me” Manietta

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P.P.S. Damn I love my athletes. They rock and I’m super grateful for the continued inspiration they bring. Thank you.