This weeks TS Podcast is with Tim Anderson and Geoff Neupert from Original Strength.

I was lucky enough to meet Geoff with my business coach in Stamford CT in early March. Geoff promptly told me I had a breathing problem, then showed my some of the resets that help your body function how it should and make you bulletproof.

I have Tim’s book “Becoming Bulletproof” and am now most of the way through the latest updated version “Original Strength”. This is solid and applicable information for all of us triathletes. How often we put the cart before the horse. We start with a dysfunctional foundation and then aim to apply strength and endurance to that. A recipe for breaking ourselves.

I warn you. This is a long podcast and we could have kept going. It’s a little over the hour but there is very solid information that will help you develop a strong healthy body and one that performs under duress for you.

Download their book on amazon ( and start adding the ReSets to your training. They only take 2-3mins and are best done before and after sessions.

Now grab a coffee and enjoy.