No matter where we’re at in life we all have limitations (many self imposed) that stop us from reaching our potential. I’m going to keep this in the athletic arena but as always there is crossover.

Right now post Ironman many athletes will be thinking of where improvements can come from with many thinking along the lines of if only I could do more training. More training will always work IF you can also get MORE recovery but this is typically never the case.

I have been thinking about my own limiters of late and one which would be common amongst all athletes that don’t do any training in this realm is breathing. Like sleep I believe breathing or re-learning to breathe should be very high on our priority lists to better our athletic performances. Here’s a good article on breathing but I’m going to do a guest post with a friend who is well versed in this area to help us all out a little better.

I verbalised on the TriSpecific FaceBook page one of my goals this year and that is to stand on the podium at Xterra World Champs in October. This is not going to be easy with limited training time (two own businesses and a new addition to the family) but I know I can maximise the limited training time with smart training and having all other bases covered.

I know I suffer from what I call intercostal / diaphragm shut down (its happened in many of my last races) and I still have not put the effort into fully rectifying it. I broke my T12 in a snowboarding accident back in 2000 which still gives me a little grief to this day, but I know my breathing sucks. So this IS one of my major limitations and that by not fixing it, I’m leaving performance on the table.

You may be a perfect belly breather (not many of you will be so don’t be too hard on yourself) but you may lack in other ‘non training areas’ that will affect your performance. These could be attitude in training, getting enough sleep, eating a high performance diet or many many others.

Do some soul searching, ask the hard questions and find your limiters that are not based on the swim/bike/run you can or cannot do.

This is just a short intro into this topic as we have lots to cover. Stay tuned.