One of my favourite all times quotes and life philosophies is;

Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Outside this self-imposed CZ is where the magic is.

Last week I stumbled upon a blog that I really like ( and more so how well the author Christopher Walker articulates his ideas.

My interest was piqued via the the title of a post “how to embrace discomfort

I think you should read it because you will get a lot out of it and I also recommend watching the movie “Defiance” of the brothers he talks about in the opening.

I really like this post and point six in particular – Lean into it.

You could equate that to Macca’s philosophy of “embracing the suck”.

But it’s point six where Christopher recommends getting comfortable being uncomfortable… Bam.

This is the way to exceptional success in all aspects of life let alone just Ironman triathlon.

We all go through times when it hurts and we may take our foot off the throttle in training or screw around at work because doing the work is uncomfortable.

Have you ever questioned your habits? Why you ease off at that point of discomfort because it really hurts or why you mind/attitude goes south when you know something is going to be really uncomfortable.

What about why you get up to make a coffee, get a snack or whatever other procrastination habit it is – when you know your ass should be planted in the seat getting that work that’s uncomfortable done?

Maybe a good exercise to do …. don’t you think?

But what happens when we lean into it and keep leaning into it? We take ourselves too another level.

That old place, pace, effort becomes the new norm. The new platform from which to launch yourself to greater heights.

Keep leaning… Yeah it hurts. But so what.

It won’t hurt forever and you’ll feel damn good about it and yourself.

Go for small wins first and pat yourself on the back. Make it through that 1 minute Power rep on the bike – full gas that only gives you 45rpm. 60 seconds later, pick your head off the bars and give it another crack. Expand what you can do.

Yesterday, with legs smashed and not feeling like doing my 20×1 minute all out high power/low cadence intervals on the computrainer – I scratched and clawed my way through the set and finished with numbers I haven’t seen in a while. I hollered when I finished number 20. A small congratulations to myself for pushing through the discomfort and getting it done.

You can too, I want to see you succeed and I want to hear about it. Just DECIDE. No more settling for the status quo.

Do the same in all those areas in your life where there’s discomfort.

Life folks, is so much better when you play outside your comfort zone.

Embrace it, lean into it and expand yourself.

Kristian “Leaning” Manietta