So as I woke up this morning I checked into Ironman Arizona as one of my TS Black athletes Owen Belman was racing.

And what I saw put a smile on my face…

Owen was 15 miles into the marathon and well on track for his first sub10 performance.

All he had to do was hold pace for the next 80 odd minutes.

Then it was down to 8 miles to go. A touch over an hour and as the mile splits disappeared, Owen’s pace quickened.

Owen was doing EXACTLY what he needed to do.

Exactly what I preach so hard about.

He was harvesting the specific Ironman fitness requirements.

Being able to push hard.

Mentally and phyisically.


Right in the back end of the race.

You have to have the muscular prep to be able to hold pace.

You have to have the mental prep to be able to hold pace while every fibre of your being is screaming for you to slow down and be a little more comfortable. When that indsidous other voice in your head is trying to sabotauge your best effort.

But your dreams aren’t realised in comfort.

Oh no.

You need to hurt.

The magic you can create is outside of your self imposed comfort zone.

And you learn how to hurt, you teach your muscles how to repeatedly contract when you do the specific things you need to do at the right times in your training.

Owen came off the bike in 33rd and ran himself into 12th with a stellar 3:22 marathon split. Owen improved his bike split by 20 minutes over last years race.

9:41:32 versus his 10:05 PB last year.

That’s called smashing it.

Welcome to the Sub 10 Ironman Club Owen.

Owen is a CEO for AON Corp out of Hong Kong and has a huge travel schedule and busy work and family life. So his training time is limited and needs to be focused.

Owen doesn’t make excuses.

Recently in the lead up to IM Arizon Owen got in late on a work trip and headed straight to the hotel gym. Which was severely lacking.

He had some power intervals on the bike scheduled on the monday and had to back up with a solid Tuesday morning brick session.

The shitty gym only had a recumbent bike. Not the best find at 8pm at night.

Would you get it done?

Owen did.

And then did the brick the following morning.

This is how you realise your goals.

No excuses policy.

And Owen did one more thing to realise his sub10 dreams.

He BACKED himself.

“Thanks Coach!  Really had to dig deep on the run after pushing near the redline on the bike. But all your advice and wisdom really paid off. I was literally yelling BACK YOURSELF the last two miles. Those near me probably thought I was nuts, but so what. ”

I have 3 spots left on a Sub 10 Coaching Program. It’s a 12 month commitment, it’s a step by step system. It’s application only. Are you ready to finally realise what Owen did today? Apply

Otherwise jump on board to my Ironman Blueprint and start to develop the qualities you need to do what Owen and many of my other athletes do.

Happy Monday

Proud Coach Kristian