I’m not even there yet but I can feel it.

It’s a living breathing entity.

I can feel the vibe.

The vibe that is Ironman race week.

That pulse of excitement, wonder, and nervousness of what just might be.

I’m not racing but I can feel it. like I have felt before and like many of my athletes lining up on Sunday are feeling right now.

You might know the feeling.

It’s the scariness of lining up when you know you have a chance. 

Not an outside odd but a real chance of knocking it outta the park.

Man I love that feeling.

That is a feeling you should chase. And always be chasing.

You must dream big.

It doesn’t serve you to play small.

So this weekend don’t play small.

Go all in.

Smile, open the door to the hurt locker, close it and throw away the key. Embrace the fact that if you want big results you have to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

There will be that little voice at times that wants to sabotage your goals, dreams and desires.

You can squash that voice with action.

The action of doing the very opposite of the thing it is telling you to do.

But don’t be fooled though.

This voice doesn’t only pop up when it hurts.

It’s there when you feel good and it’s telling you that you can sustain a pace thats substantially higher then you have been able to hold in training. That voice is still playing its role of saboteur.

Tell it to go forth and multiply.

Stick to your guns and late in the marathon when the very fabric of your being is screaming at you to slow down, to take it easy, maybe even to walk.


It’s time for you to harvest the crop you have so lovingly cultivated these past months.

Go forth and conquer my friends.

And remember.

It doesn’t serve you to play small.

Show us what you’ve got.

Coach Kristian