For Seasoned athletes or those building back consistency. 


What to do, what to do… So our races are gone for now…

The best mindset right now, is something like so many of those athletes set to go to the Olympic Games. Hell yeah… I have another 365 of training to be even more prepared.

For us, we aren’t going to the olympics, yes our races can be the cherry on the pie, but really, the pie is more important than the cherry.

That is why I like to say the event is life. So we train to be ready. 

Yes, right now we have a lot of uncertainty.

BUT we have more time to prepare. We can turn this into an OPPORTUNITY!

Now is a great time to work on some often neglected areas and not lose all that you’ve worked hard for.

Now is the time to maintain well programmed structure.

A structure that focuses on keeping you fit, strong and healthy and progressing.

Now is NOT the time to be throwing in the towel and having a woe is me mindset.

We are in this together.

So I’ve gone ahead and written a 4 week TriSpecific Isolation Training plan because a solid, smartly built routine is our friend right now.

Why lose all that you’ve worked hard for? Starting from scratch is very hard.

With this plan we bike and run and we use drylands swim training that will help you once the pools open back up. I’ve also included the often neglected training. Like  body weight strength programs and stretching. There is also advice (PDF guides and videos) on the other areas you need to be looking after at this time. Sleep, nutrition, hydration and further body maintenance.

The isolation plan is 4 weeks long and has 2 options… one for those of you that are seasoned athletes and have been consistent and the other for those of you rebuilding some consistency. The plan is easily repeated and can be progressed. 

It is loaded in your Training Peaks account which means you’ll be able to access it whenever you need to. You will also get access to our TriSpecific private facebook group to ask questions and get any help you need. 

This is the perfect plan to keep some structure in your life right now. And one that will see you end up stronger, fitter and healthier once done. (

Once you purchase the plan, you’ll be provided with a HOW TO get the plan into your training peaks account. You’ll then be able to apply this plan whenever you see fit. 

For specific questions about this training plan, or to send us your success story email us at [email protected]