Your success at Ironman, regardless if your aiming to win, qualify for Kona or just finish, is a sum of many parts.

The biggest part has already been done and that is the consistency in training and developing the aerobic capacity pathways and resilient muscles that keep firing over a long period of time.

Ironman is about the ability to endure.

The rest of the Ironman race day puzzle is made up of nutrition, pacing and mental strength on the day. All of which should have been developed and practiced in training.

To help you implement your Ironman day to the best of your ability I have decided to give away my TriSpecific Ironman Race Day Tips ebook that normally only my athletes and TS Tribe members get access too.

You can download the book by clicking on the image below or right click and ‘save as’ and you’ll need a PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat which you can get here.

Enjoy and have a great race.


Download by right clicking on the image then choose ‘save as’