Ironman. It’s a sport that you have to work damn hard at to get the race day rewards you dream of but unfortunately you can work so damn hard and even smart and still have it serve you a big slice of humble pie.

I watched Pete Jacobs who has worked for such a long time tapping away, getting great results but the iron distance win always stayed elusive. That was until yesterday. Pete and I had a little chat about running shoes on Friday at the expo and of course I asked him about his race and strategy. After a few excuses 😉 about not much running due to a little niggle he said, swim off the front, try and stay away on the bike and hope to hold the run.

Pete won from start to finish yesterday and it was an impressive and inspiring result to watch. Pete is a great champion and a true professional. I think his run squads (born2run) may even get a little busier now and I hope so. Pete has some great ideas.

TriSpecific had a host of athletes from both the one2one and TS members lining up yesterday. All chasing a feeling that meant something to them. As a coach I share both in the highs and lows of race day. You can be so fit, have had the perfect taper and do things right on race day and still not come up trumps but as the old saying goes, it’s getting back up that counts. There is learning to be had.

A big congratulations to TS Member Karla Mckinlay for taking out her 65-69 Age Group and getting the spot to Kona and Marie Doke taking third in the 45-49 age group.

Congratulations also to Nick Sheather, Richard Hobson, Tom Buckley and Brett Pearce.

I also want to congratulate Josh Rix and Sonia Nash in the 70.3. Definitely not Josh’s day out there but he did have a great result in Maddy Oldfield taking 2nd in the 70.3 race.

Port Macquarie put on a tough day yesterday. You only need to go back and look at last years verse this years results across the board to tell the story.

For those that raced, its time to relax and recover and no matter what the result pat yourself on the back. It’s more than just the race day, its everything you did to get there. No optimal races give us lots of feedback on where we can improve as when we have the ‘perfect’ race it’s much harder.

Enjoy a nice cold one.