Today, Charlotte and I are packing up the car and taking mister Mack around 5h north of Noosa to what I’m told Noosa was like about 20 years ago.

We’re going on holidays to 1770 for a week.

True holidays … Charlotte and I are scratching our heads when we last did this. I especially need some time to switch off and recharge the batteries …

In essence a system Reset.

Which means no inteternet or phones – just a complete switch off.

It’s needed. We all need it from time to time and I have neglected it. So neglect no more ;-).

For those racing at Ironman Port Mac this weekend.

Good luck … IF you have followed my plans and advice, then you should be up for a cracker.

That last blog post I sent out about skillz … well apply those focuses to race day too.

A fast stroke rate is super important in the chaotic washing machine you’ll be immersed in on Sunday morning. Then onto the bike focusing on that lower cadence (olnly upping it slightly if big headwinds are encountered) and finally come run time… A high stride rate (and shorter stride length) is key. The goal is in the 90’s here … I hope you have trained it over and over.

Please ditch the carbo loading today and tomorrow (it doesn’t serve you) and when it comes to fuelling on race day. Remember drip, drip, drip works best.

If you’re racing … have an awesome one. If it’s another training weekend also have an
awesome one and practice laying down those skillz.

Speak in a week.