I thought that title might just ‘grab’ your attention. But I’m not joking around, I’m quite serious and the fact of the matter, it needs to be done.

And by done, it needs to be done right now and on a continuing basis. There is a need to pick this fight and to keep picking it. It’s not just me, but it’s every single person on this planet. Few have already picked it, and many don’t even realise it needs to be picked.

Why and with whom you might ask…

The fight in need of picking is with ME… or what I’m saying is we need to pick a fight with ourselves.

It’s a fight against mediocrity, It’s a fight with yourself to be as good a you can bloody be and let me tell you that you can be damn good.

How many people have said that success starts with showing up? Wise words, but how many people ‘show’ up to their jobs everyday and get nothing achieved? How many times do you step on to the playing field and give less than your best- mind elsewhere and going through the motions?

This is what I’m talking about folks. See, when I train, wether it’s in the man cave (my garage gym, indoor training mecca) or outside working hard- I love it, that blood pulsating, vein popping pushing hard to achieve what ever it is you have decided to achieve, for what ever reason that pulls you into training daily.

It is in those moments of pain, that you always have a decision to make. It’s a choice, the easier way, where you coast a-little and stay just inside that self imposed prison of your personal comfort zone.

Or you say to hell with that- today, right now right here in this freaking moment- enough is enough, my goals are lofty, I want more and I’m going a pick a fight. I’m going to break out of this self imposed prison and become comfortable being uncomfortable.

The more times we pick this fight, challenge our own status quo, the more we develop self belief, self respect and unshakeable confidence in ourselves.

Life is short people. Create some rules to live your awesome life by.

Now don’t you have someone to go and pick a flight on?