Many of you don’t know that last Wednesday I ended up in Noosa emergency hospital and before I knew it was being transported by ambulance down to Royal Brisbane Hospital.

In the blink of an eye my world was spinning and things were moving fast. Unexpectedly fast…

What started as a harmless ‘rushed’ lunch while working has me finally leaving hospital 6 days later. Who would have thought that a raw salad and two egg omelette could wreak the havoc that unfolded. My fault entirely… instead of rushing, I should have been slowly and purposefully enjoying my lunch, but I know we’re all guilty of shovelling down the food while multitasking.

My last mouthful felt like it went down sideways. I had an immediate discomfort in my chest, directly behind my sternum that quickly escalated to intense pain. It literally floored me in a matter of minutes, I was home alone and Charlotte was not answering her phone. Stupidly I was underestimating the situation and left it about 30 minutes before I went to the neighbours for help.

Charlotte arrived home around the same time and took me directly to the medical centre. Should have went straight to emergency.

Once in Noosa Hospital and after numerous tests and drugs to relax the smooth muscle of my oesophagus and no improvement I was given some contrast dye and a c-scan. Unfortunately they found some air/gas outside my oesophagus and quickly added IV lines, a not so fun catheter and organised getting me transferred down to Royal Brisbane to be around specialists. I was told it was good news that they got me on the strong antibiotics quickly but I’d likely get worse before getting better and that I would potential end up in ICU.

Nothing like a punch in the face reality check.

Every single time I swallowed it was followed by a level of pain I have yet to experience and I have belted my body up pretty good.

On Thursday I had more tests but not before the specialists came around telling me about the critical nature of what was going on. They wanted to take a conservative approach and after hearing the other option of having a chest ripped open and 4-5 months of recovery and a moderate chance of complications.. the conservative approach of bill by mouth, heavy antibiotics and constant observation sounded excellent.

Thankfully no ICU and I don’t know why but the small oesophageal perforation looked to have sealed up pretty quickly. I guess a great benefit of living a healthy lifestyle and believing that it would rectify itself pretty quickly.

There is always lessons to be learned if we’re open to them. Obviously one is to chew my food properly but we are not immortal and it’s scary as hell when the norm gets pulled right out from under your feet and control is lost. Not FUN!

Some other lessons… Life is bloody short – so aim to always bring your best to the table… sometimes we coast (honest) and we just can’t. Success means work.. it usually means 10x the work than we think. In our sport, that doesn’t mean 10x the volume – it means 10x the work. That is different. What isn’t getting attention. Diet, recovery methods, missed sessions, sleep, belief that your goals ARE possible?.. keep working the mind. This all takes much more work than we originally think and that is just thinking about our sport.

What about family, work, friends … don’t we all have catching up to do. Momento Mori!

Only a few weeks ago at Noosa Farmers markets we had a guy on our table have a cardiac arrest. Scary watching this guys life slip away.. Cause – a shitty diet was pretty evident. Just because we’re ‘healthy’ endurance athletes doesn’t mean shit won’t happen and we all know how many triathletes wrongly think that it doesn’t matter what they eat!

Tomorrow my good friend Yuri Elkaim releases his Super Nutrition University… it’s a 12 month course that will give you leave you knowing more about nutrition than your doctor and most people enrolled in some nutrition school. You’ll be able to apply the teachings to positively effect how you feel and perform. Just remember SLOW AND PURPOSEFUL chewing of food 😉

I’ll send an email tomorrow about this, so you can check it out.

For me my Ironman NZ goals are a distant memory… I have Ironman Frankfurt on the cards so I’ll be leveraging my NZ build for that.

Look after yourself and check