I want you to think about something. You have already enjoyed some success in life. We all have. That success developed out of creating a goal, ‘seeing’ what your wanted outcome was and a series of small wins.

Do what’s this all mean?

Well, it means you can certainly taste success in your Ironman endeavours.

Here’s how.

If you want to help yourself out, then get crystal clear on what you want to achieve. I’ve been reading “Total Recall” – Arnold Schwarzenegger’s book and you can see exactly why he became one of the best body builders in history, a leading Hollywood actor and then even Governor of California. He was always crystal clear in what he wanted to become and he refined that vision while matching it with the actions he needed to get him there.

Crystal clear vision + conscious actions = success.

Lets say Kona is a goal of yours.

You need to start imagining and feeling what not only qualifying but what racing on the Big Island looks like. You have to turn those dreams and thoughts into a crystal clear vision with as much detail as possible. Then refer to that vision over and over again.

How do you create the vision?

First you need to make that goal a burning desire. If it’s not a burning desire then you will likely give up when the going gets tough or you have a set back. Most people give up when success is literally around the corner.

So you need to see yourself not only having the race that will qualify you and everything that it entails, including paying for your spot at the roll down ceremony the following day. But you need to see yourself racing in Kona too. The more you can put into that vision with all your senses the more real it will become.

Your subconscious mind can’t actually determine if you have actually been there or not in the physical but by working the vision you’re infinitely helping your chances.

See yourself flying from Honolulu to the Big Island and as you’re coming into landing, getting excited that you’ll shortly be playing in those lava fields you can see stretching for miles and miles out your little airplane window. It gives you tingles just thinking about it.

You can see the shimmer of the sweltering tarmac as you feel the heat descending the stairs off the plane.  You smile as your feet hit terra firma and feel a depth of gratitude that you’re finally here.

Later you see yourself walking down the stairs on to the tiny ‘Dig Me’ beach (Kona swim start), you feel the warmth of the water and the strong taste of salt water that fills your senses as you make your way in. Your treading water with 2000 other athletes, your heart pounding in your chest, waiting for that Ironman World Champs starting cannon. Next thing you know you hear the crowd as you get on your bike about to take that hard journey down the endless Queen K. Your climbing up to the turn around at Hawi, the sweat pouring off you.  And then there’s those infamous trade winds buffeting you around. How about running down Alii Drive, the famed Energy Lab and of course … THAT finish line.

You need to see and feel all of those elements and it’s not that hard .. even if you have never been to Kona in the physical. Use the NBC coverage, watch it over and over and come to know those elements. Print out photos and use everything at your disposal to help you create and be able to refer to the vision over and over. Google and YouTube really help here.

A vision is just a simple way to bring focus to what you want to see and achieve in the future. 

It’s tough to create and make crystal clear at the start but you can have fun with it and work hard at developing it as it can help you on those rough days. We all have the “why am I doing this?” thoughts on those tough days and this is when you can play out that vision of achieving your goals in your mind.

And this helps in a big way.

We are exactly here today. I mean right where you are now is because of the many decisions you have made. You can use your developed visioning to help make the decisions that will ultimately lead you to your goals. Think – If I were that person that is a Hawaiian Ironman qualifier and finisher, what decisions would I make? What is the best decision in this situation that would get me to that result?

That is part of the mindset you need to have.

To be successful really takes a couple of things: how you think and what you do. Of course in our coaching and Ironman Blueprints we address what you need to do, but it’s important that we put in the mindset stuff too. I know many athletes that do all the work and even sees great results in training but don’t always harvest that work in racing and I believe this is a mindset thing.

It could be subconsciously you don’t really believe it’s possible. Even though you’re doing the work – you have to use visioning to create the clarity of your goals and then keep playing that vision over and over so your subconscious gets on board too.

Creating the vision is not enough. It’s a needed step in the process but you need to use that vision over and over. Use things like vision boards to constantly see your dreams. Similar to how I used a whiteboard to help Charlotte first make a massive breakthrough.

So you have the vision. Now what?

To successfully achieve our vision we need to set up the goal processes that will get us to focus on them in our day to day lives.

What are the action steps I need to take? What is my review process to make sure I’m on the right track?

We will continue next week with a framework on how to break down the major goal into it’s smaller components. Meaning we break down the goal into manageable chunks i.e. how to eat an elephant  .. one bite at a time and leave you with an action plan.

For now, I’ll give you some homework .. work on your ultimate vision.

You do want to get to Kona or win your age group or break that certain ‘hour’ time barrier don’t you?

A quick way would be to decide now and grab our Ironman Blueprint or apply for coaching and we will get you on your way.

Coach Kristian