Getting Stuff Done (GSD) and being more productive.

Making progress consistently feels good. It’s hard work that will reward at a later date. Just like doing the right little rituals each day that make up to a successful race campaign. Sure, sometimes races don’t work out when you have done all the right things… unfortunately that’s a part of longer course racing! But your likelihood of things going your way are greatly enhanced when we consistently do all the little rituals.

Things like:

* Getting your training done and being ‘present’ while doing it. That one point makes a HUGE difference to what you get out of the training.
* Eating well and by that I mean lots of lean protein, fruits and vegetables, good fats and only eating the refined, processed carbs/sugars in your post training recovery window.
* Drink lots of water + electrolytes
* Look after you muscles with TP Tools and massage
* Sleep

Now I know… we are ALL busy and have our plates full. But I believe we can get a lot more stuff done than we think. We just need to prioritise daily and closely guard our most valuable asset. Our TIME! Do that and you’ll find you can GSD and ensure you get the little daily rituals that lead to you hitting your training/racing goals.

* Sometimes though the proverbial will hit the fan and you just have to run with it knowing it won’t last forever! When this happens, training, good eating habits etc fall by the wayside. They don’t have too… training for instance – if you don’t have time for the full set or even half of it… just get out and adjust the session, even if it is only 20mins. As that 20mins will not only refresh you to get back to work but will lightly stimulate the systems we are trying to stimulate on that day.

Here are some things to think about in your week.

What went awesome?
What can you celebrate?
What / Who are you grateful for?
What’s working?
— in business/work
— in personal life

What progress have you made?