Today is a special day.

Everyday is special… No? But today is even more special as our little man turned 2.

Yes Mack is two (blink). Two years ago Charlotte gave birth to our little boy and nothing beats the joy of being a parent. Sure, the challenges can seem huge at times (like, not a full nights sleep in two years…and less for Charlotte then me) but the smiles and joy I get when I come in from training cannot be beat and that is only the tip of the ice berg.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself to remind me how lucky we are in life. So this year I decided to start a gratitude diary as a daily reminder that our life is abundant and there is abundance everywhere.

For some reason, (I have thoughts on why) we always seem to be thinking of what we don’t have and how “x” will make us better, faster, healthier, happier etc.

I think this is B.S. and it’s kinda like keeping up with the joneses. To what end? Does it make us happier or more stressed.

What would happen if we spent 5 minutes each day writing down what were grateful for.

For example.

I’m grateful for my wife Charlotte. She is amazing and has put the endless effort she put into her Triathlon career into being the most awesome mum she can be. All the while being super supportive of my goals. Seriously I feel like the luckiest guy in the world. Maybe I am! The depth of gratitude and love I have for my wife can’t be expressed in words.

I’m grateful that I have a little dude (son) called Mack. You can never know the joy without have ever having kids. The smiles, the dadees and the cleverness at two that bright up every single day. Hey, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows (stolen from Rocky quote) but 98% is. Best decision of our lives. Our little man is so freaking cool, and his going to be a heart breaker 😉

I’m grateful for having my health and fitness back. 2012 was a challenging year but damned if I don’t feel gratitude that I can put myself in the hurt box on a daily basis and think… how lucky am I.

I’m grateful that we have an awesome home on the sunshine coast in Queensland, Australia. We wanted to be here and we made it happen. An what’s even more awesome is that when we get the weather we have had of late, I can jump in the garage, jump on the CompuTrainer and be riding some HC category climb using the ERG video software and then I can jump of and run on the treadmill. Our training set up is awesome. This is not gloating this is me being deeply thankful.

I’m grateful that I have family that loves me, friends that do too and that I have awesome clients and many who have become close friends.

I’m grateful that at times I get to train and play with some of the worlds best triathletes.

I’m grateful that I get to work with super cool people and companies like Specialized, Trigger Point Performance Therapy, Nike, Oakley, Blue Seventy, Hammer and all the others Charlotte and I have in the past.

I’m grateful for the two businesses I have that helps change peoples lives for the better and I’m so stoked and grateful that you yes YOU take the time to read my thoughts, rants and advice.

We have a great life which I’m super thankful for. But even more than that I’m thankful that I have the opportunity to make it an excellent and exceptional life. How cool is it that we have the ability to create the life we want. There are no limits other than those that I have formed in my own mind which can be smashed down with better thoughts and actions. How can we not feel a debt of gratitude for that?

I could go on and on.

And by writing some things I’m grateful for each day. I appreciate what I have even more and I believe that when we are grateful for what we do have we open the doors for more cool things in our lives.

Below is what I write my daily gratitudes in. I get these from Field Notes. Sure, you could do it on an online journal, but I like to hand write it. I think there is more power in that. Who knows… but it seems to be working for me.

I’m going to give away a couple of packs of these. Just put in the comments below or send me a note on what you’re truly grateful for and I’ll choose some worthy people to give them too. Easy…

Thank You


P.S. And since it’s Mack’s 2nd Birthday how could I not offer you a little something. Mack’s Birthday Bonanza here