One of the things we want to know when we see and hear about the awesomely fast races from those in our age group or even the pro ranks is how they did it.

Well I know I definitely did when I wanted to know how when I was determined to get to Kona.

I was always thinking about how they got to that point. Was it luck in the race itself? Did these guys have different qualities or better genetics that I didn’t have? Maybe just maybe they knew something seemingly elusive that could guide me, if only I could discover what it was.

I’ll admit that I might have put these guys on a pedestal but if there is something I learned from my snowboarding career – I assumed if they could do it … well so could I (big mental tip right there).

I had so many questions and it put me on a very long journey. A journey that continues today because as Albert Einstein once said after being questioned why he gave the same class the exact same exam two years running.. “because the answers have changed”

When I first started asking these questions I was an 11:27 Ironman Athlete and that was a far cry from getting to a result that would qualify me for Kona.

A lot has changed since then and I have gone to Big Island a couple of times to race, got my Ironman time down into the high 8’s and helped hundreds upon hundred of athletes take wholesale amounts of their times, with many qualifying for Kona and even winning age groups.

All these things may not have happened, as back then I definitely wasn’t on any sort of track for that to happen. But happen they did and I want to share with you something so simple and so effective that I have learned in the process. Hopefully giving you a realisation that you – with a bit of help and of course you have to want to succeed — you can do the same.


Man was I deeply passionate about getting to Kona. With this passion there was no lack of motivation – it made me welcome the early mornings, the time in the box, the long sessions the muscle soreness and everything that goes with it. I was eager to talk to others, learn more about it and take action on it.

With the focus on getting to Kona I learned a lot about success. I was able to start critically thinking and look back on the lessons of my snowboard career. I learnt slowly though and of course made a lot of mistakes but I learnt.

And one of if not the most important lesson I learned. 

Was to keep going. Back in snowboarding when I was trying to nail a new trick … I was doggedly persistent and would keep going and going until I had it down. Well a MASSIVE ingredient of success is to just keep going. Simple eh? But very few people do it. Many athletes have a dictionary full of excuses that make them hop off the success train before it reaches station “success”. And many times they hop off on the station before where success was literally just round the next bend.

For me both in snowboarding and then getting to Kona and now as a coach and business owner, stopping doesn’t occur to me, simply because I’m deeply passionate.

So just I just keep going. I’ve done stupid things, made a metric shit tonne of mistakes. The amount of time and effort wasted on stuff that whispers was immense, but I just kept going. These errors and faux pas eventually made me a more intelligent athlete and coach. When I look at and learn from the successful people I know this one thing always rings true and it separates them from the pack

They keep on going. Period.

There will be course corrections of course. They are part of the process. So don’t quit.

If you want to be a success then your odds are much greater if you simply keep going.

Thoughts and Actions

Well for any outcome you want there is a certain way of thinking and acting that will get it for you. Yep … how you think and the actions you take will either lead you to success or away from it. Are your thoughts and actions congruent with what you want to achieve?

It’s pretty easy to find out the ways of thinking and acting that apply to success. Today with google — everything is at your finger tips. It’s easy to find example after example that you can emulate – luckily loads of people write about success in books and magazines. Actually a new found favourite magazine here in Australia is call Renegade Collective. At first look i.e. the cover I probably would have not looked any further if it wasn’t a direct recommendation from a successful friend. But that magazine is packed full of success stories and how they did it and has become a favourite of mine.

One thing to note … it is going to take time and effort (duh) to master the how-to. And that is across the board. Mastering the how-to train purposefully and with maniacal focus takes time and truck loads of effort.

But the greater effort to take you from where you are right now (because you are right where you are .. in the here and now due to YOUR current thinking and actions…) is to adopt a new way of thinking and acting. The same way that those that are a success act and think. And this can only be done when you’re willing to give up a lot of your current thinking and acting which can be very difficult.

You’ve likely heard the quote … insanity is doing the same thing over and over yet expecting a different result!

Well it rings true. If you want different results to what you’re currently getting then you need to adopt a new way of thinking and acting.

Here are some important things you need to look into: Your beliefs about success and your beliefs about YOU. What are your beliefs about failure and persistence? Your current beliefs are probably different to those who are successful.

So find out all you can about the thinking and actions of successful people. Then get to work.

Failures are just lessons of what not to do. Successful people become successful as they have ‘failed’ more then most and they kept going.

So just keep going.

It will serve you well.