We all know what Mojo is right?

It’s that feeling where everything…

Just. Flows.

You beat the alarm clock every morning by 10 minutes.

Every 100m split is a possible PB in the pool.

Every turn of the chainring feels like Tony Martin tearing it up the road.

Running is blissfully effortless.

You know that feeling…

It’s a hard one to find sometimes – some people spend their entire lives desperately searching for it. And when you get it, man you cling to it for dear life because it can be so damn elusive.

You never want it to leave.

But, it happens, and when it does it’s like the world as you knew it has been torn apart. You can lose the structure, the rhythm, the momentum and ultimately, the control of it all.

Mostly though, you will miss the enjoyment.

How do you get it back? Aside form focusing on not letting it go (ever), you have to take immediate action to regain your momentum. This means finding your motivation again.It also means letting go of a few expectations that you might have about things (look, we all start the new year chomping at the bit, but who maintains that intensity all year round?) – getting back into a rhythm is not always easy. Sessions that you once dominated can suddenly leave you a crippled mess beside the trainer, unable to move for fear of your legs literally turning to Gluten-free spaghetti.

Yep it sucks, and can be intimidating, but honestly, the ONLY way to get your Mojo back is to get out there and get it done. Like I said, you may have to re-think your expectations a little. Actually you’re probably best to go into each session with NO expectations at all – just a focus and mental attitude of turning up and getting it done. It will take a few sessions of suffering but once you have those little blocks in place, you can start to build and build until you are riding yourself back into some seriously awesome Mojo.

Think of it like building a house. Brick-by-brick. No shortcut’s you just turn up each day and apply yourself. Repetition is a brilliant thing. It helps build momentum. And with momentum, comes Mojo.

A really really easy way is to have a plan that you can follow: all you have to do is turn up and follow the session; it might be ugly and you probably won’t like it but if you can get just get that one session done, then you are more likely to turn up for the next, and the next. And pretty soon you have built up a solid few days of “gettin it done” and you are on your way. This is why structured training works. You will never get out the door with low Mojo if you are leaving sessions to chance each day. A structured plan is the easiest way to regain focus.

Something else you need to do to rock the Mojo is eliminate the distractions: the noise that stops you from getting out there and doing what you need to do. And look, there is always noise, but when you are struggling for rhythm, noise kills motivation dead. So cut the distractions, make the choice to block out some quality “pain time” and get it done.

One thing on distractions though….. Most times, we impose these distractions on ourselves as a way to find “justified” excuses to get out off what you should be doing. And sure sometimes you might have some really legit reasons (they never exist when you have your mojo though,) but most times, you are just fighting that battle with your head.

Don’t give in.

To put it bluntly, get off you arse, and get it done. No BS, just turn up and do it (much easier of you have something to actually follow!). And if you have a coach or training partner, mentor, then talk to them. Tell them that you are struggling – lean on them a little. Good coaches/ friends/ mentors will listen, then tell you to get out and get started.

DO NOT sit around for that magical moment or event that will bring your Mojo to arrive on a silver platter. The realty is that you will have to work for it. And it is that very work, and the satisfaction that it brings that awakens your Mojo.

Like I said, it’s actually really easy to get your Mojo back. You just have to change you expectations and focus on turning up.

Remember, you aren’t in this sport to be mediocre are you?

You didn’t sign up for that big race so you could just walk around the course and get free cola?

No. You signed up because you have a goal. You want something that you haven’t yet achieved.

Get hungry for it again. I can’t do it for you (if Mojo was for sale, you’d already be a customer!).

It has to come from you. It is your choice. Find your MOJO

Coach Pete Lever