On Wednesday after watching a video of business speaking given by Lars Godbersen, I posted this motivational speech and shortly after I was discussing a training session I have given to Josh Rix, a professional athlete I coach. Josh made the mistake of not reading the weeks but focused in on the full session and thus that is what he did.

For Josh it wasn’t a biggie as he definitely has the fitness and resiliency to have done the full set and miss the one week progression. It actually became somewhat funny as the set isn’t particularly nice. Now I am not going to disclose the actual set and its not becuase its a secret or anything, it likely doesn’t fit in with your particulars and where you currently are and I’d hate to see you get beat up by adding that to your training mix! So the session is on the bike and is purely negative split, meaning you come home harder. Anyway the weather went to crap and Josh did this on the trainer which puts a whole new level on how tough this session would have been and I mean a whole new level.

Sure the session would have hurt in terms of tension on the legs, but the mental side of it… wow. The mental effort required not to turn it off or even stop would have been tremendous on this particular set. A typical Thursday TT tolerance effort on the trainer requires a deep mental strength to keep pushing the boundaries of being uncomfortable. Doing so will take your performances to new heights.

Where am I going with this? Well I had not passed this you tube clip on to Josh, but I mentioned it to him on the phone after he disclosed doing the whole set. I recommended the next time he was on the trainer or even getting ready for a session or race to watch/listen to it. Why? Because it frames your mind correctly. You cannot help but get fired up.

Further to that and something I will speak more about in coming blogs is visualisation. There is an interesting phenomenon that occurs when you can vividly picture yourself achieving something dear to you. Its has such a neural impact that the sub-conscious cannot tell whether the event actually happened or not.

Learning the art of visualisation is well worth your time investment. From a personal perspective before IM Western Australia in 2007, I spent a good portion of training sessions visualising the outcome I wanted to achieve. I had the performance so vivid by the time the race came that I could see myself running down the finish chute. Each time I did this I would get goosebumps.

I knew I was in good shape, I had put action to the visualisation and I was ready. With 12k to go and feeling great, I knew I’d be taking nearly 40 minutes off my previous personal best of 9:37. I had a smile that gave me energy as I held my form, I knew my wife Charlotte was going to win the race and was going very fast. What happened next, even though prepared for, it completely threw me. I turned into the finish chute and saw 8:57… I pretty much unleashed my full excitement and went nuts, but those same goosebumps came back… hang on I thought, I have been here before!

As I said to Josh, watch the motivation videos, but day-in-day-out start vividly seeing yourself achieve what it is you desire.

Go on and get visual. I highly recommend it.