* Yes .. I know I got the name of Macca’s book wrong ūüėČ

If you prefer to read v watch the video…¬†Here’s what I said below!

Kristian here from TriSpecific

And today I want to discuss your grey matter

Because¬Ö If we don¬ít get this right, we’re not going to crush it at the races¬Ö

And I want you to crush it at your races.

So know this.

You need to know what is holding you back.

This will piss some people off but the truth usually does.

And I know this because the truth hurts add pisses me off but it allows me to take stock and become better.

A better athlete and a better me.


That’s right.. YOU are the one holding you back.

It IS all in your head.

James Allen said it best

¬ďAll that a man achieves and all that he fails to achieve is the direct result of his own thoughts.¬Ē

What are the stories you are telling yourself?

That is truly the real question and where you need to stop and listen and be aware of not only how you are talking to yourself but what you are actually saying.

Only with awareness can we change.

Macca talks about embracing the suck.

That¬ís all well and good …

But whats it actually mean. Embrace the hard times?


But only Macca could truly embrace the suck when he actually started listening to what he was saying to himself when the going got tough.

So big question?

What is your mental chatter when you are in the box?

When you are really giving it to yourself… What’s your mental chatter?

Because that is the big key to improving yourself.

Now I want to take you back to some stories.

See the stories are the ones you tell yourself.

So ask this question.

Are you playing the victim or are you playing the hero?

You want to play the hero

Look you need to do what I did back around 2005 and stop ¬Ďwriting¬í the victim stories.

You know the stories like; I always get sick… This always happens to me, arrgh it¬ís going to be one of those days… so on and so on.

You need to rip those pages out and start writing a better story.

You can write the story.

See success it’s like that bar of soap.

As Mack likes to say… It’s a slippery little sucker.

Most people think success in our sport relies on physical talent, genetics or some other bullshit we tell ourselves so we can create excuses why we can’t be that good.

Genetics really only come into play when all else is equal.

And we usually don’t get to that.

So until you have dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s and there is a helluva lot of them..

Lets not play the genetics card because it’s bullshit

Look I’m living proof of that. I’ve gone sub 9 a couple of times. I’ve gone 11:27 down to that.

So lets look at it, success can be slippery ..

See we have these BHAG’s and they’re awesome but we physically try harder and harder and put in lots of effort, only to push success further away.

Now I spoke about playing the victim or the hero..

And I believe this is the biggest turning point for anyone in life is taking self responsibility.

It’s your life, your goals .. your reality

You need to own them and be responsible for and in what you are trying to achieve.

I didn’t make these steps up through some divine intervention.

No, see I learnt them from mind experts and other great coaches that I admire.

Look, I’m going to give you some steps.

So step one…

Is know thyself and aim to improve YOU. Be a better you

Yes that is called PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT and I’m not going to get all woo woo with you.

It’s important and no it’s not bullshit but a worthwhile lifelong pursuit.

It will also make you happier and happier you is better you.

A you that performs better a you that does better.

So some steps and things you need to accept if you want to play higher than average. And if you know anything about TriSpecific we are allergic to average here.

So getting good, getting the results you want is HARD.

End of story.

You cannot resist hard.

Well you can… But it¬ís going to greatly limit the results you can get. Period.

So embrace hard. Embrace life, embrace the challenges along this journey right.

This game is not that complicated. It’s not as complicated as many make it out to be.

Simple is good.

Just because something seems simple doesn’t mean it’s not highly effective. Actually the reverse is true, It usually is.

Now another question for you.

Are you really serious?

Like I mean really bloody serious. Because you need to be.

When I wanted to get to Kona for the first time…

I can tell you, there was this huge amount of desire and huge amount of commitment and I became the athlete I needed to become.

Now that is a key point. You need to become the person you need to become to get the goals.

By being serious means taking a shit load of action.

A lot of it … Just like now, Pete and I are serious on building the biggest, most badass coaching community with TS LIFE.

So we need to pull the plug.

Look doubts will kill more dreams than failure ever will.

I want you to let that sink in.

Doubts kill more dreams than failure ever will.

Failure is OK

So You HAVE to disengage your mind from all it’s doubts, worries, guessing, second guessing, the completely ridiculous projections and horror stories we make up in our minds..

Stressed ideas of what needs to be done and how..

It just stops us.

Guess what .. Everything we need and I mean everything we need is within us already.

It’s plugged in

We just got to do some digging.  Just be willing to do a little digging, do some weeding, pull this shit out.

Grow that beautiful garden in the mind.

I mentioned desire.

Well you need desire and you need to train with presence of mind and intention. Put that fire under your ass and go get it.

Keep it simple.

Now there’s these judgements.

Be careful of the judgements you make especially when it comes to fatigue, tiredness, pain and all that.

You wake up and feel tired, you feel the fatigue pulsing through your muscles, and there is going to be pain.

Right now is the time to focus on the desire .. If pain and fatigue didn¬ít exist we wouldn’t adapt.

And if we didn’t adapt we’re not going to get stronger, fitter, faster

End of story.

Lets talk about ownership…

Only you can own your journey.

Sure I can help you as a coach and advisor along the journey but we cannot own it for you.

That is your self responsibility. You are only accountable to you. I cannot make you accountable in all honesty.

You just have to be accountable to you

See you noggin¬Ö The grey space.

That is really the only thing that can stop you.

Know this … Your mind is not always an ally!

Right there’s this monkey part of the brain and he can be a real ass. A real pain in the ass in fact.

You need to quiet that bastard with positive I AM statements and positive action and a great attitude. That’s it.

Enjoy the journey.

It’s Kristian here from TriSpecific. I’m going to do a lot more success tip videos, and we’re going to get into some swim, bike, run action as well.

But it all starts up here.

Remember you are the one stopping your ultimate success.

Till next time.