Today, actually all week and the next and the next and…the next, Kristian and I are locked down at TSHQ and in hustle mode.


Well the Triathlon World Summit of course!

Wait, what?

You haven’t heard of it? That’s ok – we forgive you. But you might want to check this out because it is BIG. Actually, it is gargantuan.

Starting on November 9th, TriSpecific will be hosting a FREE online event showcasing 23 of the worlds leading experts and thought leaders on improving performance and health.

The TWS is covering so many brilliant topics:

Optimised Fat Adaptation, Understanding Power, Mental Strategies, Building Athletes the Right Way, Real Nutrition, Breathing and Heart Rate Training, Restoring Movement to the Body, understanding Aerodynamics….there is so much more!

You know what? The list is massive so head over to and you can see each of the guest presenters. We are super excited about this!

Make sure you sign up and reserve your FREE virtual seat.

Ok, back to the hustle, but I want to share with you something from the archives. It’s a great post that KM wrote this year and it’s always relevant, but especially for us right now as we have so much on!

Even as busy as we all are, sometimes you have to remember to Slow. Down.

Coach Pete