Last week as many of you know I was recently in Vegas. I had a two day conference with my business mentors. Some inspiring stuff that I’ll discuss this week in another post and how we got our butts kicked.

Then of course there was 70.3 World Champs where the shining moment for me was helping one Aussie athlete I don’t know go from crying (and walking) to
absolutely flying.

It was hot and many athletes paid a price. While long time TS athlete Pete Lever who has also been under my guidance learning the art of coaching got dealt with
some bad luck. Puncture in T1 then another within 5k of leaving T1 and finally the third strike that put him out of the race.

Kudos that he got back to T2 (a long way from T1 and where he flatted), got changed and was out on course cheering an athlete of his and everyone else. Pro Lindsey Corbin suffered the same fate and she was also out on course loosing her voice cheering on fellow competitors … Damn it makes you feel good seeing that.

Karla McKinlay continued her podiums with a 3rd. A tough day out for her, but she will never give in. Karla sets an amazingly high bar for herself which ‘hurts’ her at times but she has a formidable will and drive that should be a shining example. At 66 she continues to improve.

Hands down though and probably the thing that made me smile the most was cheering on another Aussie athlete. I don’t know who this ‘Kate’ girl was and only
knew her name as it was on her race number. On her second lap she came by us walking and in tears. We gave her as much encouragement as we could. When she came back round she was flying… tears gone and doing some impressive running.

Instead of pulling the pin with some lame excuses she showed this never give up attitude at the age of 21. That was inspiring to see. Was Kate racing for a podium?
No, she was racing against her toughest competitor … Herself.

Somehow we ran into Kate as we headed back to the car. She had a big smile on her face and she said our cheers and words helped her. A simple reminder of how
much I love what I do.

That was Kate’s second ever half Ironman… With her attitude the world is her oyster.

Finally a congratulations to TS athletes Luke Whitmore for taking out a duathlon in Melbourne beating former Olympian Jan Rahula for the win and Kate Murray for her 8min PB in the Sydney Half Marathon.