TriSpecific Friday Fat Black with Kristian Manietta, Pete Lever and todays guest Gilbert Fisch.

Episode Seven we talk about Ironman Western Australia or better known as Busso and Gilberts breakthrough Sub 10hour race at 56 years of age.

We go into race nutrition, anxiety, developing strength and more.

Also we promised the simple recipe for the Freedom Fuel mix so here it.

Mix with some hot water and then put into gel flask. Or if you want to make a bigger concentrate. i.e the one bottle for a 70.3 or IM Bike split you need to test hourly amount in training. As you get more Fat adapted you actually need much much less. I can ride solid under 200 cals/hr now.

You need to test this. Play around with it and find what works for you. I stress it’s about finding the minimum effective dose. That is what matters most.