In todays episode of the Friday Fat Black, Pete and I talk go deep into the understanding differences in training on gender and body types and why it’s important to understand.

We cover:

– Why understanding the differences on gender and body type matter

– How different body types react differently to training

– The 3 nails that athletes (namely male ones) hammer into the preverbal coffin.

– Why program structure matters

– Why guys bodies breakdown more then our female counterparts

– How we create an ‘insurance policy’ that allows us to train hard consistently

– Understanding that every type of training has a form of catabolic and anabolic response and why they’re both important in our sport

– Understand the distinct hormonal shift that occurs in training for Ironman and how to mitigate the negative effects

– What contributes to anabolic states and how they help us athletically and health wise

– What contributes to catabolic states and how they break us down

– Stress and important stress reduction techniques

– And so much more


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