This weeks FFB we are really fortunate to have Chris “Chicken” Chapman on podcast and more so because he raced Ironman the day before we recored this in our hotel room at the Urban St Kilda.

Chicken started The Running Company in Bondi Beach and it has quickly morphed to five stores across Australia.

I first met Chicken when he worked at Nike in Australia as an EKIN (you’ll have to listen to the podcast to understand why they get that title, but it is a reason the brand is strong) and he hooked Charlotte up with some shoe sponsorship. Over that time we have become good friends and somehow last year we both ended up in a little French town at the same time. No running at that time but I did get to show him a fun remote alps climb with rocks falling onto the road from above. Our post ride coffee end up talking shop about running shoes and where the market is headed. Chris at the time was traveling around seeing different product designers from different companies. Some exciting stuff in development but I knew then we need to do an interview.

So here it is.

This podcast is packed full of great information like:

What is great to see with Chicken is that he noticed a major gap in Australia when it came to running specialist stores. There just wasn’t the stores like in the US and Europe which had highly educated runners who take your running needs seriously and weren’t basing decisions based on kickbacks from brands and staff on incentives. What he found and bought to Australia is just honest retail with great education and full transparency.

Chris run the Adelaide store and can be reached via his store website