After missing FFB last week due to hopping off a long haul flight and just being toast … Pete and I are back this week with a great episode for you talking about three majorly important aspects of training and racing.

FFB Episode 14 goes into Pacing, Hydration and Breathing.

We talk about the importance of pacing and cross referencing data points and intuitive intensity. We also go into the critical nature of hydration and how breathing is everything.

As usual great info to help you improve your game.

In the podcast I’m talking about some pacing and a race at Ironman Frankfurt where one athletes name slipped my mind… that athlete was Timo Bracht. Some amazing racing that day and an athlete dropping ego and backing themselves. Great to watch.

Don’t forget to check out Pete’s swim post about breathing yesterday. A very important hack that will help you improve.

Have an awesome weekend.