This weeks Friday Fat Black comes to you from San Diego.

Pete and I are over here in the US of A at a massive conference and today was long. 8am to 8pm plus jetlag, so FFB was recorded just before 10pm here (Thursday) and getting to downunder early evening Friday … just in time ūüėČ

Anyway this week we talk about Repetition. It’s such an important aspect of EVERYTHING.

In training for Ironman Triathlon. If you weekly structure is set out well. Then repetition is what will take you to new heights in your triathlon results.

Check out this from blueprint athlete Pete Wilkinson:

“So my goal was 6hr, dream goal 5.30 (which I thought impossible beforehand). I came home in 5.07.29 & remarkably felt great at the finish line. Like really really great.

With 6 weeks to go to Ironman NZ I am very excited. I know there is a lot of training to do yet and I have to stay focused, but, WOW. I have always been a middle of the field ironman competitor (11.32 & 11.38 at IMNZ). Yesterday I finished 42nd out of 400 and was 10th in my age group. I was shocked, surprised, and astounded at my result. In the last 7km ish of the run when I knew I was going to hold it together for a great time I was so outrageously happy.

Thank you for your programme. I have really struggled with a lot the repeated efforts, especially the bike ones! I now see how it all fits together and I believe! Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Enjoy the podcast.