A number of athletes have been asking about this Freedom Fuel that Pete and I have talked about in our Friday Fat Black Podcasts and even athletes have mentioned in recent testimonials.

We named it because it simply provides FREEDOM.

Freedom from having GI distress on race day. Add this to being in a fat adapted state and it becomes very powerful indeed.

And it’s very economical.

Plus plus.

So Freedom Fuel came about when I first got diagnosed with Celiac’s and started to research it became quickly apparent that pretty much 99% of sports nutrition was off the table for me. So the search went into what I could use.

For normal training Stef’s No Bake Bars worked a treat. It was the racing that I was concerned with. Thus the start of Freedom Fuel after Pete Lever, Steph Lowe (The Natural Nutritionist) and I were playing around with ideas.

The first ever batch concocted on my kitchen bench one night was a concentrate of Organic Rice Malt Syrup, Raspberries (you must strain the raspberries!), Himalayan salt and some water.

It worked.

But we refined it and figured out how to make it into a gel serving. The freedom is that you’re in control and you can test and adapt the master recipe. It’s refined sugar and importantly fructose free and it’s simply brilliant.

To make a single gel serving (~ 90cals):


  • 2 teaspoons Organic Rice Malt Syrup
  • 1?4 cup of blueberries/raspberries or and berries (you need to put in a food processor first and then push through a fine sieve). You can also make it without the berries and it works perfectly fine but you would increase the RMS quantity. (See further refinements to this master recipe below)
  • Juice from a 1?4 of lemon/lime
  • Small pinch of Himalayan salt (or you can use Salt Sticks)
  • Dash of hot water


  1. Place berries in a food processor and blend on high till you have a liquid
  2. Push berry mixture through a fine sieve to remove all the little seeds (you don’t want these)
  3. Blend all ingredients till smooth
  4. Pour carefully into a gel flask and seal well.

Notes: This is approximately one serve. So to make a concentrate i.e. the ‘multi hour’ bottle. Simply multiply the recipe by the number of serves you need and add enough water to reach your desired consistency. You may have to play with amounts of berries and lemon/lime/orange and salt to get desired taste.

Remember this is all about testing what truly works for you and using better ingredients to get the end result. Best performance, no gastro- intestinal issues and figuring out YOUR minimal effective dose.

And the amounts you will need are based on your level of fat adaptation. Less is more!

Recently we have played around with adjusting the master mix even more. I have spoken before about testing Skratch-Labs hydration mix. I love it and everyone I know who has used it loves it too. It was a massive hit on our 3326 RIDE. What it does is give you a real fruit taste (because that is what’s in it), it gives you some electrolytes (I add more .. reasoning for another post) and it adds some simple calories in the form of cane sugar and dextrose. So the 80 calories per serving needs to be included in your calculations. The thing is – this mix just tastes fantastic when used in the ‘multi-hour’ concentrate bottle.

Enjoy playing around and working out the perfect long session fuelling and race mix for you.

The best part is that there is no chemical shit storm. Just a strategic amount of natural fuel that tastes awesome, is nice on your GI system and is very economical.

Now that’s FREEDOM