Is the simple formula for success. What small daily improvements could you do, that over time will lead to stunning results?


We all have them. Good and bad.

To start a new desirable habit or to rewire a ‘bad’ habit takes discipline, focus and time.

How long does it take?

21 days is the time required to get into the routine and to really start seeing some positive changes.

However it takes 12 weeks will see that habit locked and loaded.

Can you give yourself 12 weeks of doing small daily improvements that will change your life?

I’ll go granular so you see what I mean. Big picture is good, but it doesn’t provide nuts and bolts.

I want to form the habit of writing everyday.

Instead of just putting that in my head and then willing it to happen. I have it scheduled into my daily routine. It looks like this.

Early to bed, early to rise (also a scheduled life changing habit).

My sleep tracker gently wakes me within a 20 minute window of 4am. Usually it’s pretty close to the mark but it wakes me in my lightest sleep cycle so I wake feeling refreshed.

I get up, drink a glass of water, wash my face with cold water and then make my morning tonic. I put the coffee and I have fired up my macbook. I started writing this at 4:20am.

I write and then I do my pre training session routine (15 mins). It’s monday morning, so I’m hitting up my swim prep routine before I leave for the pool.

Rinse and repeat = life changing.

Robin Sharma says “what gets scheduled, gets done”. Spend some time on Sunday morning scheduling your week. Slot in your training sessions into your calendar. Just don’t put I have to swim and then put the gym somewhere. Fire up google calendar or outlook etc and slot in your times.

Now you can’t schedule all the habits you want to change. Nutrition for example. But you can schedule in planning on Sunday for what you’re going to eat through the week.

This is how you become great. You have greatness inside of you but you have to chip away at it daily.

Here’s a PDF copy of an article I wrote for Australian Triathlete last year

The Formula for Success” <=== click the link to download

Have a great week

Kristian “committed to your success” Manietta

P.S. Want to see what greatness looks like? See TS Black athlete Karla Mckinlays (3rd in Kona 65-69) comments on the blog post here. Funnily I only saw this write now as I was loading up the PDF for download. Thanks Karla, I’m truly grateful to have you as an athlete and friend.